06.07.2019 KL.14.00

Programme: Jazzboksen // Saturday

Explore young talents at Jazzboksen!

Outside our regular festival program, we also have concerts at Jazzboksen. Here we organize free concerts every day, all day – and give students, semiprofessional and amateurs the opportunity to play concert for a wide audience.

Watch out, tomorrow’s jazz stars can be found among this program. Previously, artists such as Fieh, Frøy, Bendik Baksaas and Hilde Marie Holsen have played on this scene.


AYKO // 14:00

AYKO makes music within the genre of electro-pop, inspired by artists such as Jack Garratt, Aurora and Bon Iver. Despite her sources of inspiration, she moves away from the traditional pop-culture, into a greater landscape filled with untraditional instruments and into an innovative, playful soundscape. With her vulnerable, well-defined and dynamic voice, she touches the audience and takes them with her on a musical journey. Even though her voice is vulnerable and filled with emotion, the artist has a powerful rich sound to her voice that keeps the audience in the palm of her hand.


TUUR // 15:30

Earlier, TUUR used to be a ukulelejazz-band covering well-known jazz/blues-songs. Now the band also performs its own music. The genres presented are jazz, pop, and folk. TUUR especially likes small string instruments and plays ukulele, gitalele and bass-ukulele. The musicians in TUUR are friends that met in Volda many years ago and thay have played together in different projects.


Ask Carol // 17:00

With front woman Carol’s distinctive, dynamic range and badass vocals, this two-piece creates a wall of sound. With their guitars, drums and fuzz-synth, they are a multitasking band, not afraid of pushing musical boundaries. Their music could make you think of bands like The Kills, The XX and Snail Mail, but with a grungy, darker nordic sound. You could call the genre nordic indie-grunge-pop.


ísa // 19:00

They are a young band soaring high somewhere between Post Rock, Jazz Rock, Ambient and Indie music. The lyrics (some in Norwegian, some in English) revolves around existential experiences in growing up, and complicated trains of thought you never reach the end of, and the group works collectively to create something beautiful and unusual, to give you something special.


Laura Perrudin (FR) // 21:30

Laura Perrudin is the ultimate non-conformist musician. She can conjure up a whole orchestra from her customized chromatic electric harp, to which she adds beats generated by a whole arsenal of laptops, sound effect pedals and multitrack loops.

Her live performances are so powerful and compelling that you forget you’re listening to one musician. Perrudin trained as a classical musician but started listening to jazz at a young age. In her music you hear plenty of influences from electronic music, soul and hip-hop. We discovered her at Festival Jazz International Rotterdam this year and just had to bring her to Norway!


Observe that there are no age restrictions in Festivalgata until 20:00.



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