Friday 05.07.24 am

Særingfest: Child of Illusion – Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex – Maja SK Ratkje – Mayas/Buck/Stackenäs/Zanussi

Særingfest is a full evening of music and sound in all forms and varieties - quite simply a festival within a festival, for all audiences who are curious about music off the beaten track! The evening's line-up consists of Child of Illusion, Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex, Maja SK Ratkje and Mayas/Buck/Stackenäs/Zanussi. What a night!

Concert start: 19:30 Single ticket price: NOK 450

The evening's program at Særingfesten offers four concerts with some of the best in European, American and Norwegian improvisational music. One ticket – four concerts!

The evening's line-up consists of:

  • Child of Illusion
  • Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex
  • Maja SK Ratkje
  • Mayas/Buck/Stackenäs/Zanussi

Child of Illusion:

Picture of Child of Illusion

Susana Santos Silva – trumpet
Chris Pitsiokos – alto sax
Kansan Zetterberg – double bass

Susana Santos Silva and Kansan Zetterberg have been playing together since 2012, when they recorded their first duo album "Almost Tomorrow". Many different collaborations followed from this, and in 2017 they met New York saxophonist Chris Pitsiokos in Stockholm, where they recorded their first album "Child of Illusion", which was released on Clean Feed Records. Later, Khimaira followed at Relative Pitch in 2022.

The music of Child of Illusion can be described as a kind of chamber improvisation, where the musicians' different backgrounds come through clearly. It is a myriad of different aesthetics, full of colorful shades and beautiful interplay.

Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex

Jaap Blonk – vocals
Terrie Ex – guitar 

Guitarist Terrie Ex was one of the founders of the "anarchopunk" band The Ex in 1979. Over the years, he has also made a name for himself in free improvisation with his style, such as in duos with Han Bennink, Ab Baars and Ken Vandermark.

Jaap Blonk started out as a vocalist with Dada sound poetry performances, such as Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate. From the mid-1980s he developed as an improviser and gradually added the use of live electronics to his voice.

The duo Terrie and Jaap started in 2003 and stand out for their boundless freedom, the unpredictability of Dada and the energy of punk. In early 2018, their disc (CD/LP) "Thirsty Ears" was released, followed by the live cassette "OZO BONN" in 2021.

Maja SK Ratkje

Composer, improvisational musician and Buddy award winner Maja SK Ratkje has a date with a microphone. What is going to happen is up to the moment!

Mayas / Buck / Stackenäs / Zanussi

photo by zanussi

Magda Mayas – piano
Tony Buck – drums
David Stackenäs – guitar
Per Zanussi – double bass

To round off the Friday evening at Smeltehytta, last year's DNB award winner Per Zanussi brings this wonderful quartet. Many have heard Magda Mayas and Tone Buck in the unique duo Spill, and they are otherwise well known from groups such as Great Waitress and The Necks. We last heard David Stackenäs' characteristic guitar playing at Kongsberg as part of Kim Myhr's group in 2019, and together with Per Zanussi's distinct bass playing, this becomes a quartet that can both work with slowly developing states and large musical gestures.

We look forward!

Concert start: 19:30
Doors open: 18:30

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