Thursday 04.07.24

Cezinando / Lemaitre / Synne Vo

This Thursday will be a party night at Kirketorget! Cezinando, Lemaitre and Synne Vo ensure a really good atmosphere!

Concert start: 19:00 Single ticket price: NOK 795


A united music press and an ever-growing fan base have
applauded Cezinando's unique musical universe ever since he released his debut "Cez 4 Prez" as a 16-year-old. With releases such as "Noenganger og andre" and "Et good stup i et grun vann", "Samtidig" and the blazingly fresh "Sprengkulde", he has seriously consolidated his position as a force to be reckoned with on the Norwegian music scene.

Cezinando has marked the charts and radio waves, and has been rewarded with a number of awards, including Spellemann in the categories Lyricist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Urban of the Year and Album of the Year. He has also distinguished himself as an outstanding live artist, and has taken concertgoers across the country by storm with his explosive shows. He has stood on the country's biggest festival stages and played to full houses across the country.

"Cezinando is truly one of the most creatively exciting things we have in Norway, almost regardless of cultural expression. This concert ticket could cost NOK 10.000, and it would have been worth it," wrote NRK's ​​reviewer then, rolling a six on the dice.

This is a picture of Cezinando


Lemaitre will release the "RED" EP on all platforms on February 9, 2024.

Two years have passed since the duo behind Lemaitre, Ulrik Denizou Lund and Ketil Jansen, released the critically acclaimed album "Substellar". The backdrop for the record was covid, isolation, and stopping for the first time in ten years. Prevented from traveling back to his studio and home in Los Angeles, Lemaitre created an album that made Dagbladet roll the dice five and say "thank God for lockdown!", while Aftenposten just as well rolled the dice 6 and christened it "the best of the year electronica album" in Norway. The record was also awarded with a player nomination.

In the last two years, Lemaitre has resumed touring, and on the stage at Kirketorget we will meet a group of 10 musicians!

"While Substellar was about stagnation and isolation, Techno Sapien is about the diametric opposite. To uncompromisingly embrace the present, and simply not get enough of what we once took for granted!”

This is a picture of Lemaitre

Synne Vo:

Synne Vo has been listed on NRK P1 and P3, and has been nominated as Newcomer of the Year (2021) and Artist of the Year (2022) on P3 Gold. As a songwriter, it hit when she co-wrote the most played song on the radio; Chris Holsten's "Smile in your own mirror" (2021). The song won Song of the Year at Spellemann and P3 Gull, as well as Work of the Year – Popular Music and Most Played Song of the Year at the Musikkforleggerprisen in 2022.

Through songs like "Heime" and "Sexten", she has taken us back to the village where she grew up, where she was shaped and where, in her own words, she was allowed to be young and stupid, and sickly naive. And there is little doubt that Synne Vo has struck a chord with the public with her captivating and intimate pop songs.

- It's about putting words to a story or a feeling with very few lines. You may write about something that has been said a thousand times before, but try to get a new angle on it, and if you're lucky you'll find a surprising twist or punchline. It's like doing a puzzle, and I really like that, says Synne about writing songs.

Photo by Synne Vo

Synne Vo: At 19:00

Lemaitre: At 20:15

Cezinando: 21:45

Age limit:

The age limit at Kirketorget is 18 years. Valid ID must be presented. Guardianship arrangement for young people under the age of 18, accompanied by a sober adult over the age of 25, maximum two per guardian. The guardianship form must be submitted digitally in advance. We do not recommend minors at the concerts, as the concerts at Kirketorget are primarily a party for adults.

The guardianship form can be filled in here. 

There is a strict security guard at Kirketorget who makes sure that drinking regulations are observed, and there is zero tolerance for violations of these.

The gates at Kirketorget open at 18.00, the concert begins at 19.00.

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