Information about tickets and festival passes

You can buy tickets for individual concerts, festival passes or day passes on the festival's website. Festival pass gives you access to all the concerts, as long as there is free capacity.

festival pass

If you have already bought or are considering buying a pass to Kongsberg Jazzfestival, there are some practical things that are important to know about. We hope that this information will help you plan your visit to our festival.

We have the following passport types:

Festival pass: Festival pass gives you access to all the concerts during the entire festival. You will be guaranteed access to the concerts on our biggest stage, Kirketorget. In addition, a number of places have been reserved for those with a festival pass on all club stages.

Day pass: Day pass gives you access to all the concerts on the selected day. You will be guaranteed access to the concerts on our biggest stage, Kirketorget. In addition, a number of places have been reserved for those with a festival pass on all club stages.

Passport: Gives access to all concerts at Smeltehytta, Steinhuset, Galleri Låven and the night concerts at Energimølla.

Old Norway passport: Guaranteed entry to all concerts at Gamle Norge.

How to change from passport to wristband

To gain access to the concerts, you must exchange your pass for a wristband in our sales booth BEFORE you go to the concert.

Important information for our customers with festival passes and day passes: It is first come, first served-principle that applies, but we give priority to our guests with day passes and festival passes at the entrance to the concerts. At most of our concerts, you will usually be able to get into the concerts without a problem, if you are out in good time.

For sold-out concerts, there is the following seat guarantee for festival and day pass holders: 

VenuePlace guarantee for passports
Christians kjeller 30
Energimølla 50
Gamle Norge 100
Private Bar 30
Argus 30
Smeltehytta 50
Kongsberg Church 80
Kongsberg Musikkteater 70
Sølvsalen 25

The music theater or Silver Hall - New from 2024:
To improve the experience for our audience with festival passes and day passes, they will be offered tickets to all the concerts in Kongsberg Musikkteater and Sølvsalen. Pass customers will be sent their own link to buy these tickets at the beginning of week 27. The tickets will cost NOK 40 each. In this way, as a pass customer, you will not have to stand in line before the concert starts, but you will be guaranteed a place and go straight to admission.

Any remaining seats will be made available upon admission approximately 30 minutes before the start of the concert. These spaces are free. Bring your mobile phone to retrieve these using a QR code.

Age limits

The age limits for our venues vary. You will find more information about this here .

Wheelchair users

Tickets for wheelchair users and companions can be purchased via Ticketmaster.

For concert venues with their own wheelchair spaces, you can choose this ticket category when you buy your ticket online.


To collect a companion ticket from Ticketmaster, you must buy an ordinary ticket at the same time and select the ticket category "companion". You can bring a companion with you for free to all our concerts by presenting a valid companion certificate. The companion certificate indicates how many companions you can take with you. The code for purchasing an accompanying ticket is KJF24LEDS.

Is it safe to buy tickets outside official outlets?

We recommend that you always buy tickets via official outlets. Fake or invalid tickets will be rejected at the entrance to the concerts, regardless of the buyer's "good faith". Attempts to sell tickets via the festival's social media will be deleted. Do not buy tickets posted here, they may be fake.

Refund and exchange of tickets

Please note that we cannot refund or exchange tickets that have already been purchased, so it is important to make sure you select the correct tickets before completing your ticket order. Should a special situation arise, Ticketmaster's ticket fee will not be refunded, only the ticket price itself.