The children's festival

Barnivalen is our own festival within the festival for the younger ones. A musical, fun and diverse festival made for, by and for children and young people. 

2023 offers a great program for the youngest during the Kongsberg Jazz Festival. Just listen here:

Britain's new superstar, Kongsberg's own Viggo Venn will perform at Barnivalen on Thursday, while the MGP Junior winner from 2022, William, will perform on Friday. You can read more about the Barnivalen program 2023 by clicking on the links below.

Barnival park
Thursday 6 July / Time: 11:00

Barnivalen Thursday

Barnival park
Friday 7 July / Time: 11:00

Barnivalen Friday

Barnival park
Saturday 8 July / Time: 11:00

Barnivalen Saturday

More information about Barnivalen

Every year we fill Barnivalparken with concerts, fun activities, workshops with music and singing, bouncy castles, theater and a great atmosphere!

Barnivalen takes place at Kvarten, one of Kongsberg's finest pearls down towards Lågen. The Children's Festival offers exciting activities, theater performances and concerts with high-quality music as a central element. Including jazz, of course.

Most of the events are outdoor events, and are suitable for both grandparents and prams.

Some of the events may be particularly aimed at certain age groups, but everyone can of course participate anyway. Children under the age of two enter the Children's Festival for free. 

At performances with a small capacity, children are allowed in first. If the child needs to be accompanied, we try to make arrangements for this.

At Barnivalen, adults can only enter accompanied by children. 

Barnivalen is an alcohol- and smoke-free event. It is possible to buy both food and drink, or bring your own.

Barnivalen has existed since 1977. Every year we have several thousand visitors to Barnivalen, which makes it one of the country's oldest and largest children's festivals.