Practical information

For the audience

Tickets and passports
Tickets for individual concerts, festival passes or day passes can be bought from Ticketmaster. Festival pass gives you access to all the concerts, as long as there is free capacity. Day passes give you access to all the concerts on the selected day, as long as there is space available. Places are reserved for members of the public with passes at all concerts, and pass customers are given priority at the entrance. We have our own festival passes for the concerts at Gamle Norge and Særingfest. All passes are personal and must be exchanged for a wristband at the festival's sales booth before going to the concert. More information about tickets and availability can be found here.
Age limits and guardianship
The festival takes place at various venues around Kongsberg, and therefore the age limits also vary. More complementary information about age limits and guardianship arrangement at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival you will find here .
Parking and transport
We recommend that everyone use public transport during the jazz festival. This way you can plan well and enjoy the music without stress and worries. Everything is practically within walking distance of Kongsberg station, the hub for both trains and buses. We have a separate page where you can find updated information about extra night buses and departures we have in collaboration with Vy, Brakar and Sharebus. There are extended bus services both to Oslo, Notodden, Sandefjord, Hønefoss etc. If you can avoid using a car, this is good both for the environment and the traffic logistics in Kongsberg during the festival. If you still need parking, you will find additional information about parking spaces and map here.
Kongsberg Jazzfestival is certified with the "accessibility mark" and is concerned with inclusion and accessibility for everyone. Some older premises can present challenges for accessibility, but we have created one thorough overview of the venues and their availability for wheelchair users and others with special needs that you find here . Tickets for wheelchair users and companion tickets are purchased at Companions with a valid ID get free entry to all concerts. We accept government issued companion certificates. Read more about tickets during the Kongsberg Jazz Festival here. Most venues are located near public roads. The nearest taxi stands are Kongsberg Knutepunkt and Nytorget. The nearest stop to Kirketorget is the crossing at Fredheim Skole. More complementary information about availability can be found here.
The jazz camp has an idyllic location by Lågen and Kongsberg Sports and Swimming Hall and is in the heart of Kongsberg city center and all the venues during the festival. Here you can spend the night in a tent, caravan or mobile home. Showers and toilets are available inside the sports hall. Read more detailed information about the Jazz Camp here. You can find an overview of local hotels and hostels here .
The jazz box
The jazz box is located in the middle of the intersection between Storgata and Tinius Olsens gate. Free concerts are organized here every day during the festival. In the Jazzbox, students, semi-professionals and amateurs get the opportunity to play for a wide audience. Here, the public can relax in beanbags, lie in a hammock, dance or just enjoy the music. During the festival, the Jazzbox is open from 12:00-02:00 with concerts, jazz talk, DJ and good drinks. There is an age limit of 18 from 20:00. No reservation or tickets required - just turn up! More information about the daily program for the Jazzbox can be found at the program pages.
Festival Street
Festivalgata is located in Chr. Augusts gate, right outside the entrance to the Quality Hotel Grand. It is open from 11:00 and offers concerts throughout the day and a DJ in the evening. Here you can enjoy music, good food and drink. After 18:00 is the 18-year age limit. More information about the daily program for Festivalgata can be found at the program pages.
The jazz shop
The Jazzshop is located on the corner between Storgata and Stasjonsbakken, directly above the Jazzbox, at the Flerbrukkrysset. Here you can get information about the programme, buy tickets, exchange for bands, as well as buy this year's jazz t-shirts and other merchandise. The Jazzshop has the following opening hours during the festival from Wednesday-Saturday: 10:00-22:00.
The children's festival
The festival within the festival. BY, WITH and FOR children. Barnivalen takes place at Kvarten, one of Kongsberg's finest pearls down towards Lågen. The Children's Festival offers exciting activities, theater performances and concerts with high-quality music as a central element. Including jazz, of course. Most of the events are outdoor events, and are suitable for both grandparents and prams. Read more about Barnivalen here.
Map of Kongsberg Jazz Festival
Click here to go to an updated map of Kongsberg Jazzfestival's venues and accommodation. Link to map.    
Environment and sustainability
Kongsberg Jazzfestival became, together with Øyafestivalen, Norway's first Environmental Lighthouse-certified festival in 2007. The goal of Kongsberg Jazzfestival is to be an environmental beacon that inspires environmental work among local and regional cultural actors. We work continuously to find good environmental solutions in all areas. Read more about our environmental measures here.
The story of the Kongsberg Jazz Festival
The history of Kongsberg Jazzfestival Kongsberg Jazzfestival has its roots back to 1964, when the club Jazz Evidence established and held the first festival. The four founders of the club gathered every second Wednesday after band practice in the 60s to drink beer, eat sausages and listen to jazz records. These enthusiasts laid the foundations for a festival that was to become an important part of Kongsberg's and Norway's jazz history. Since 1964, Kongsberg Jazz Festival has been held annually, with the exception of the special year 2020. Kongsberg Jazz Festival is an important cultural event in both Kongsberg and Norway, and a festival with a strong international reputation.

For volunteers/officials

We have many officials who, year after year, give their experience, time and heart to the festival. Without these people, the Kongsberg Jazz Festival would not be what it is today. On this page you will find more information about how you can register as a volunteer, what it entails and what is required if you are to become an official during the jazz festival.

For the press/industry

Accreditation press

The application deadline for press accreditation is 20 June, Representatives of the media can apply for press accreditation here. When the application has been processed, you will receive a reply from us by e-mail and possibly SMS. E-mail/SMS will also be used to inform about relevant information for the press during the festival. It is therefore important that you enter the correct email address and mobile number in the application form! If you can document an assignment from a media company, we ask you to send an application via the client. Press accreditation can be obtained from the Press Centre.

Press room
In 2023, the press center will be located at Steinhuset in Hyttegata 1 (on the west side of Nybrua). It is staffed Wednesday to Friday during the festival from 10-18. Accredited press can collect their accreditations here. There is a press conference at Steinhuset on Thursday 6 July at 11:00 - beyond this, the festival management is available for interviews. Coordinated via the press center - 480 10 965
Festival photo
Our festival photographers take pictures during the Kongsberg Jazz Festival. These images are uploaded on the festival's website Flickr pages. Contact the press center to clarify guidelines regarding the use of these images.
Accreditation industry
Applications for accreditation to the festival are made through the same form as for press accreditation. Write in the comment field that you are applying for accreditation as a guest/industry. The deadline for applications is 20 June. Fill out the form here.

For sale/Standing

Information and application
You can apply for a stall during the Kongsberg Jazz Festival continuously throughout the year by filling our application form for storage space. We will send you an offer based on the needs outlined in the application. We will find out which space is right for you. You can expect to hear from us within four weeks. Information about prices and conditions is in the application form. When you apply, you also approve our terms and guidelines for having a sales stall at Kongsberg Jazzfestival.