Saturday 06.07.24

Mona Krogstad: Serenity Now feat. Kristoffer Lo (commissioned work)

Mona Krogstad won the #huninvisterer grant from DNB in ​​2023. This year she returns to the festival with the commissioned work Serenity Now, which takes us into a musical landscape where hope and reflection are at the center.

Concert start: 16:30 Single ticket price: NOK 420

In a world characterized by constant noise and unrest invites Serenity Now the listener into a musical landscape where hope and reflection are at the center. Through lyrical melodies and lively interplay, the work explores the contrast between the powerful, insistent and peaceful, meditative moments.

Inspired by themes such as love, communication and spirituality, the work seeks to explore the deep aspects of being human. Mona Krogstad is fascinated by art's infinite ability to communicate, and through "Serenity Now" she wants to encourage the listener to reflect on their inner self.

Mona Krogstad – tenor saxophone
Hogne Kleiberg - piano
Kertu Aer – double bass
Veslemøy Narvesen – percussion
Kristoffer Lo – flugabone, guitar, effects etc

Kristoffer Lo is a prominent musician, producer and composer who has made a name for himself through bands such as Highasakite, slowshift, YODOK and PELbO. In recent years, he has created the music for a number of films and series such as "Makta" and "Aksel", produced artists such as Oda Felicia and Øystein Herkedal, in addition to releasing a debut album and playing debut concerts at Øyafestivalen and Pstereo with his band slowshift.

Mona Krogstad is a saxophonist and composer educated from Jazzlinja at NTNU in Trondheim and the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She is active in projects such as JUNO, Superspreder, Ladybird Orchestra and her own Mona Krogstad Quartet, which has released its critically acclaimed debut album "Virgo Sun" (Øra Fonogram). 

Concert start at 16:30
The doors open at 16:00 p.m

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