Friday 07.07.23 am
The jazz box

Jazz talk with Now's the Time

XXX are today's guests in the Jazznytt blog's Now's The Time's festival pub!

Concert start: 12:00 Price single ticket: Free,


This year again, the public can look forward to the Jazznytt blog's Now's The Time's festival bar with current festival artists and guests! These go off at 12-13 every day (Wednesday 14.00-15.00), and is free for everyone. 

Again this year, we have the pleasure that the daily jazz talks are hosted by Audun Vinger and Filip Roshauw from the Jazznytt blog "Now's the time". 

We meet these guests in Jazzprat on Friday:

  • Thomas Strønen

    The festival musician of the year (recipient of the festival's major musician prize, the DNB prize in 2022) talks about small and big beats in life, and about the concerts he has held and will hold this week.
  • Henriette Eilertsen

    The poet of the flutes about his place in music life today. She has a duo concert with Michael Duch and will also lead the Youth Improv Orchestra later this day.

Other artists

Friday, July 5 / Time: 19:00

Veslemøy Narvesen

Wednesday 3 July / Time: 21:00

Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity + Emmeluth & Møster

Kongsberg Musikkteater
Thursday, July 4 / Time: 21:00

John Scofield & Dave Holland Duo

Christians kjeller
Wednesday 5 July / Time: 20:30

Amund Maarud Trio

The jazz box
Wednesday 5 July / Time: 14:00

Jazz talk with Now's the Time: Thomas Hylland Eriksen & David Murray

The jazz box
Thursday, July 6 / Time: 12:00

Jazz talk with Now's the Time