Sunday 30.06.24
Kongsberg church

Kongsberg Storband and Anne-Carolyn Schlüter: Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert

We kick-start the festival with the Kongsberg Storband and mezzo-soprano Anne-Carolyn Schlüter performing Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert!

Concert start: 19:00 Single ticket price: NOK 300

This is a work written over several years in the period 1965-73 where jazz and classical are mixed in a very special way. Sacred Concert is referred to as a masterpiece, and it contains both rhythmic, dreamy, beautiful and captivating music.

When Ellington performed the work, he put together the repertoire by picking from this entire period, and Kongsberg Storband has done the same. The core of the concert is from the "2nd Sacred Concert".

Anne-Carolyn Schlüter has put together a project choir of skilled and experienced amateurs from the local music scene. Together, the big band, Schlüter and the project choir perform Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert in Kongsberg church as a prelude to this year's festival.

The concert is a unique opportunity to hear excerpts of this work performed by an outstanding soloist, an ensemble big band and the hand-picked choir.

Musical director and conductor for the project is Bjørn Bogetvedt.

The doors open at 18:30 p.m
Concert start at 19:00

Possibility of seating

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