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Dear Jazzfriends!

Based on the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the contagion situation, our public, artists, suppliers and volunteers, the board is unanimous that it is not justifiable to conduct this year’s festival. We do this with a heavy heart, but the board also has a responsibility to take care of the festival, manage it well and […]

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Collaboration with Kongsberg Gruppen

Many musicians, especially younger performers, are feeling unsure about the implications of playing at Kongsberg Jazz Festival. This is primarily because of concerns related to the festival’s collaboration with Kongsberg Gruppen. A socially engaged group from the “Motvind” festival is working towards a more sustainable and ethically oriented cultural scene. One of their areas of focus is Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Kongsberg Gruppen’s sponsor relationship. Kongsberg Gruppen is one of Norway’s leading technology enterprises.

Motvind will shortly be publishing their own magazine, with an article focusing on this topic. They sent Kongsberg Jazz Festival’s manager Kai Gustavsen some questions, and we would like to share their questions and Kai’s answers with you.

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Sales record at this year’s festival

With a wide festival programme and sunny weather, the 2018-edition of Kongsberg Jazzfestival is also the most visited in the history of the festival.

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