Brings out Hagle when Åge is to be replaced at Gamle Norge

They have stream metal in the 100-million range, and have become all of Norway's country rap favourites. It is now clear that Hagle will take over the Gamle Norge stage on the festival Saturday.

Hagle enters the program at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival to replace Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet, who are moving to Kirketorget.

Hagle comes from Indre Østfold. In recent years, Hagle has established himself in the top tier of Norwegian artists when it comes to power metal and concert performances.

Songs about robber milieu and rural culture in a beautiful combination with folk life, festival atmosphere and Saturday night on the intimate Gamle Norge stage is certainly a surefire combination on the last festival night during this year's Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

This is a picture of Hagle
Gamle Norge
Saturday 6 July / Time: 22:00

Shotgun & Blåsemafian

The duo's current assets are around 150 million. This is not least due to huge hits such as "Bøgda", "Ærbeskær" and "Ærmen i kærmen". The very latest addition to the hits collection is "Mekke bil", which was released a week ago.

Hagle has a unique mix of banjo, fiddle, accordion and rap that finds the Norwegian folk depths with greater precision than the more scattered accuracy of the weapon's name suggests.

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The journey, or the robbery, accelerated when the series creators behind the NRK hit "Rådebank" picked up the songs. Since then, Hagle has been a self-written and inevitable part of the soundtrack to youthful party culture around the country and beach.

Joining them on Gamle Norge this Saturday are Blåsemafian, a relatively self-explanatory instrumental group with whom they collaborated on the hit "Høl i potta" in 2022. The year before, they won one of the semi-finals in Melodi Grand Prix. They released the album "Anthology" in the summer of 2023.

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