The other theater

The whole city becomes a theater scene during this year's Jazz Festival!

Would you like to open your living room or garage to the public? Or perhaps the workplace? Or maybe you just have a fun idea for where it would be fun to experience an improvised theater performance?

This year we will have a visit from Det Andre Teatret, Norway's largest improvisation theatre! Three actors and a musician will perform 6 improvised, site-specific performances around the city during the festival. Through improvised scenes and music, the actors will uncover the collective memory of an unknown place. A little poetic, a little historical and quite funny!

We invite the public to make suggestions on venues for the performances. The venues can be private homes, historic buildings or other exciting locations. It is desirable that the places are close to the center and under cover. The premises must be able to accommodate a minimum of 30 people and everything in the room must be usable during the performances.

Proposals can be sent to by 20 April.

We think this project will be a real talking point at this year's festival and we look forward to receiving exciting proposals!

About the Second Theatre:

Det Andre Teatret is Norway's first and largest improvisational theatre. Every week they play performances for both children and adults on their own stage in Oslo. They tour schools, cultural centers and international festivals all over the world, and also hold courses in improvisation. Theater manager and artistic director is Mats Eldøen. Mats is also one of the actors who comes to Kongsberg to perform the performances Alle, alt, tilde.

The other theater