Terms and conditions for renting a stand space at Kongsberg Jazzfestival


  1. Stand: Your stand is confirmed when the rent is paid. The deadline for payment is 6 June or when the invoice is due. If the rent is not paid, a place is not guaranteed. If you cancel later than 3 weeks before the festival, rent must be paid in full. The tenant is responsible for keeping order around rented space and can only use the agreed upon space. Kongsberg Jazzfestival can move a tenant from a designated place to a new place both before and during the festival. The space can’t be given, or rented out, to others. The place is only available from Tuesday AFTER 16:00, tenants who show up before will be shown away. All stands/booths must be open by Wednesday at 11:00. All goods and equipment must be cleared away from the place by Sunday at 10:00.
  2. Parking / Car: Access by car can only take place between 02:30 and 10:00 in the morning. Parking by the rented space is only permitted if you are selling goods from your vehicle and it fits within your designated space.
  3. Fire / Theft: Tenants who rent tents are obliged to ensure that there is always an approved powder – fire extinguisher in the tent. Fire pits in the street must not be blocked. Kongsberg Jazz Festival is not responsible for loss or damage to, or theft of, stand. Security in the area is not a guarantee against damage and burglary.
  4. Food service: Everyone who applies for a food stall at the festival must have a vegetarian / meat-free alternative. We ask that everyone addresses this in their application form. There must also be a fire extinguisher available in the tenant’s stand/foodtruck. All distribution of food (food, beverages, sweets, etc.) must be reported to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the District Office in Buskerud. https://skjema.mattilsynet.no/mats . Tenants must have the necessary and sufficient equipment for waste management.
  5. Music: Music from the stand is only allowed in agreement with Kongsberg Jazz Festival.
  6. Prohibition of products: Products such as helium balloons, pirated copies, soft guns, replica weapons, knives, swords, throwing weapons or similar items are prohibited. Products with symbols that may be offensive should not be sold. Especially products that may be associated with Nazism, racism or drugs. It is not permitted to sell goods other than those stated in the application form. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the product range does not contravene with guidelines given by Kongsberg Jazzfestival.
  7. Behaviour: The tenant must always have a visible place certificate (this will be sent to you by email). Tenants must act in a friendly and welcoming manner, and not intrusive, rude, or unpleasant. The tenant can’t be under the influence of drugs. These rules apply to the tenant and the tenants’ representatives. The tenant must follow orders from the festival’s employees or volunteers. If they fail to do so they can be expelled from the festival area without compensation/refund.
  8. Environment: It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean up and bring rubbish to the bins. Kongsberg Jazzfestival is a certified Miljøfyrtårn and responsible waste management is therefore important to us. This also applies to our tenants. All rubbish must be sorted in the correct containers, also when packing down on the last day. All tenants must strive for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. If you have oil to be deposited, this must be stated in advance. In the event of illegal emptying of cooking oil, leaving rubbish behind etc, the clean-up work will be invoiced, in addition to an infringement fee of NOK. 5000 from the festival. The oil can be deposited in the rubbish area marked in the information. Disposal of waste oil, washing water etc. in drains (or other unsuitable places) is NOT allowed, and violations result in loss of space, and a cleaning fee of NOK. 20,000 as well as exclusion from the festival.
  9. Violation of terms: The tenant must follow the terms stated by Kongsberg Jazz Festival. In the event of a breach of these, the tenant can be expelled from the festival area for the rest of the period without compensation/refund of paid rent.
  10. Use of cash: Kongsberg Jazzfestival does not want to handle cash as payment for any stand space. The invoice for the rented space must be paid in full before the tenant can set up.
  11. Electricity/power: Tenants must provide their own extension cord to retrieve power. Power must be pre-ordered if you need this. It is not permitted to connect more devices than what is reported in the application.
  12. Tax rules: Everyone who engages in sales work, and who therefore has an income from their business during the festival, must comply with the regulations issued by the Norwegian Directorate of Taxes. Checks can be carried out during the festival.
  13. Booth confirmation: Booth rentals are confirmed upon payment within June 6th. 2022. No payment, no booth guaranties. Cancellations later than 3 weeks before the festival, will be fully charged.