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Serendip: Tural Raphael

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Tural Raphael is an Azerbaijanian pianist, keyboard player and arranger. He gained his Bachelor degree as a classical pianist in Baku Music Academy. Now he is a master student of Norwegian Academy of Music. Despite being educated as a classical pianist, Tural had a passion for jazz music. Artistic tours to Germany, France, Norway, Turkey and Kazakhstan were combined with playing at jam sessions in well-known European jazz clubs.In addition,he played the premiere of many jazz compositions with Baku Chamber Orchestra and Azerbaijani State Symphony Orchestra.

Close professional communication with Kenny Barron and Chick Corea and playing their masterclasses opened him the door to the world jazz stage. Azerbaijani folk ornaments and Middle East vibes mixed with jazz- that is the way Tural Raphael makes his music. However, he does not present himself only as a pianist of one particular genre, because of his desire to create music in various genres.

 Tural Raphael – piano, Håkon Huldt Nystrøm – double bass, Cornelius Odegard Risberg – guitar, Jomar Jeppsson Søvik – Drums

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