Would you like to volunteer at Kongsberg Jazz Festival? We call our volunteers “functionaries” and they are the festival’s most important resource. We need the best functionaries out there to make Norway’s best jazz festival.
We will be opening the application portal soon!

What do functionaries receive for their efforts?

  • A “functionary card”, which allows free entrance to all concerts, if capacity permits
  • Two free tickets to concerts of your choice (subject to capacity)
  • Two functionary t-shirts
  • Special prices for food and drink
  • Breakfast and warm meals at Haspa Café on the days you are working
  • Entrance to Barnivalen for you and your children
  • Functionary party
  • Option to stay overnight if you live outside Kongsberg
  • Masses of experience of festival production, and lots of new friends!
  • Exchange scheme with other festivals
  • All functionaries are insured through the festival period

Age limits
You can volunteer for the festival if you are over 16 years old. However, many of the tasks at the festival require you to be 18 years or over. There is no upper age limit for functionaries – you are never too old to help make Kongsberg Jazz Festival great!

How much do functionaries work?
Functionaries work mostly while the Festival is happening. The amount of work that you will do depends on which tasks are assigned to you. You will be contacted by a group leader between 1 May and 1 June in order to agree working hours.

What do functionaries do?
Here is a list of our functionary groups and their areas of work:

  • Accreditation: Responsible for artist accreditation, as well as functionaries and guests. Run the telephone switchboard and are the first point of information.
  • Bar: Serving at the festival’s own bars
  • Barnivalen: A variety of tasks to ensure that our youngest audience members have a fantastic time at their own festival
  • KAOS (chaos): The chaos group takes care of the practicalities of running the events. A variety of tasks, generally practical in nature – for example: driving, loading in and out, carrying, building, lifting, rigging …
  • Environment: Ensuring that our festival is clean and green.
  • Intern: Ensuring that volunteers have food and accommodation
  • IT: Making sure that networks, databases, printers and e-mail are up and running both before, throughout and after the festival
  • Media: Running the press centre, coordinating interview times between artists and journalists, responsible for the festival photographers, updating the website, social media, information screens, making sound and video recordings.
  • Medical: Providing medical help and security at the largest concerts, as well as providing help for artists and functionaries. Collaborate with a chiropractor and a physiotherapist.
  • Money: The festival bank! Counting up and settling the finances on a day-to-day basis through the festival. Handling of valuable items.
  • Sales: Responsible for the sale of tickets, t-shirts and merchandise
  • Security: Ensuring that the audience have a good and safe concert experience. Responsibilities range from ticket checks on the door to ensuring fire escapes are kept clear. Many in the security group are experience first-aiders who can help in the case of medical emergency.
  • Service: Ensuring that artists/managers/technicians have food and drink; checking green room facilities at venues, hotels etc and ensuring that artists arrive on schedule for sound checks, press conferences and all events.
  • Sponsor: Be smiling hosts for the festival’s guests, journalists and musicians in the festival’s VIP area, and run the sponsor events.
  • Technical: Responsible for sound and lighting at all events. Most members of this group are trained technicians. The group includes a sub-group responsible for stage design and effects.
  • Town environment: Taking care of signage, banners and market stalls, and making sure that the town looks good and that people can find their way around
  • Transport: Responsible for transport of musicians.

Do you have any questions about areas of work or specific tasks? Feel free to contact kontoret@kongsbergjazz.no, and we will help you!

Link to application form for Kongsberg Jazz Festival 2019.


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