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Kongsberg Jazzfestival is cancelled!

It is with heavy heart that we convey the message that Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2020 has been cancelled. Those who have purchased tickets will be offered a refund of the ticket money or transfer of tickets to next year. We are now working to get the practical in place and you will receive an email with more information from us by May 1st.

The Board has concluded, after thorough health, financial and practical assessments, that it is not justifiable to conduct the festival.

Although we hope with all our hearts that the virus has reached its peak here in Norway by the beginning of July, we must take the risk into account by gathering thousands of people to such a large event. We have a responsibility to everyone involved in the Kongsberg Jazzfestival to act as a responsible community actor.

As we see it, it is most likely that there will be a national ban on major events in our time.

Our hope is that you look forward to 2021 with us, because then a magical and long-awaited festival will go off, but we can not do it without you!

Here are some practical information:

Many of the concerts are attempted to be moved to the festival in 2021, or in the worst case cancelled.

What happens to my tickets?

Those who have purchased a ticket will be contacted by the festival for more information by May 1st. We ask that you do not contact us – we are working to get the practical in place and we will contact you as soon as we have this in place.

What if I don’t want a refund?

We really appreciate everyone who will contribute to the festival. More information on how to support can be found in the email you receive as a ticket buyer.

Will there be a festival in 2021?

As soon as the restrictions are lifted and it is allowed to conduct events in week 27/2021, there will be a festival in 2021.

I have applied as a volunteer, can I join next year?

Everyone who has been registered as a volunteer in 2020 will receive an email with the opportunity to sign up next year.

I’m an artist, what’s going on?

We will keep in touch with artists on an ongoing basis. Everyone will be offered the opportunity to move the job to 2021.

I’ve booked a sales bid, what’s going on?

All sales stalls will receive an email from the festival with information about the cancellation. Any payments and invoices will be reversed.


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