Here you will find all the practical information you need to know before visiting Kongsberg Jazzfestival. Click here for information regarding tickets. 

// For visitors

Age restrictions

The festival events take place at different venues around Kongsberg and our age restrictions vary from venue to venue. This is because of laws regarding the sale of alcohol.

There is a lower age limit of 18 for the following venues:

  • Festivalgata (no age restrictions until 20:00)
  • Jazzboksen (no age restrictions until 20:00)
  • Energimølla (night-time concerts). For concerts that start earlier than 21:00 we operate a guardianship scheme (form here)

There is a lower age limit of 20 for the following venues:

  • Gamle Norge (no age restrictions for the daytime concerts)
  • Magazinet
  • Privat (no age restrictions for the daytime concerts)
  • Quality Hotel Grand 
  • Christians Kjeller (no age restrictions for the daytime "poetry oasis")

No age restrictions for the following venues:

  • Kongsberg Music Theatre
  • Sølvsalen
  • Kongsberg Church
  • Smeltehytta
  • Galleri Åkern



You are welcome to bring your child with you to a concert if the artist, venue and music are “child-friendly”. Please contact us if you have any questions about this. For concerts with no age restrictions (except Barnivalen) and free seating, children under 12 may attend free of charge as long as there is available space. For concerts with reserved seating, you must buy a ticket for your child (or the child must sit on your lap).

Barnivalen: Children under 2 have free entry to Barnivalen. Adults may only attend Barnivalen if they are accompanying a child.


We strongly encourage everyone to take public transport, walk or cycle to the festival. Kongsberg Jazz Festival is a compact festival with a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance between venues.

Trains: Trains depart approx. every half hour from Kongsberg Station to Oslo via Drammen. Timetables and tickets at

Regional bus (Nettbuss): Runs between Kongsberg and Oslo or Notodden. Timetables and tickets at

Local buses (Brakar): There will be special festival buses. See for information.



A camping area by the river, right in the centre of Kongsberg. Accommodation is in tents, in caravans, or on a mattress in the sports hall. Guests have access to showers and toilets in the sports hall. The Jazzcamp is open from Wednesday at 10:00 to Sunday at 14:00.

Fresh baguettes will be sold at breakfast time. Disposable barbecues are not allowed at the site, but large barbecues will be available for all to use on the site.

Cars are not allowed on the camping area.

All accommodation in the sports hall or in caravans must be booked in advance via: / tel. +47 32 73 27 46.

You do not need to book tent space in advance.

Prices for Jazzcamp (per night):

Sleeping in the sports hall: NOK 120 (without mattress)/NOK 150 (including mattress). Half price for children under 14.

Sleeping in a tent/caravan: NOK 150 per tent/caravan with one person. Each extra person per tent/caravan NOK 100. Free for children under 14.

Access to electricity: NOK 30
Access to bathroom facilities for non-guests: NOK 40


Hotels and other accommodation:

Quality Hotel Grand // tel. +47 32 77 28 00

Best Western Gyldenløve Hotel // tel. +47 32 86 58 00

Søstrene Storaas Hotel
Approximately 20 km from Kongsberg. The hotel offers transport to and from the festival. // tel. +47 32 77 13 00

Lampeland Hotel
Approximately 22 km from Kongsberg. The hotel offers transport to and from the festival. // tel. +47 32 76 09 00

Heistadmoen/Kongsberg activity park
Approximately 10 km from Kongsberg. Formerly military accommodation – offers beds in triple rooms. // tlf. 41 40 00 22

Funkelia leilighetshotell/fritidsleiligheter // tlf. 916 63 977

Kongsberg vandrerhjem // Tlf. 32 73 20 24


Rent cabins or holiday homes at
Search for available cabins and holiday homes for rent here. 


Kirketorget (the church square) is the festival’s venue for three large popular concert events in 2018.

Age restrictions

We have a lower age limit of 18 for our concerts on Kirketorget, and this year we have no guardianship scheme. There will be a special alcohol-free area for young people between 13 and 18 – this area will be physically separated from the main arena and is called TechnipFMC TeenGig. Tickets for this area are sold separately from the main arena tickets.

Wheelchair users

There will be a special space in the middle of the arena for wheelchair users with access to a bar and suitable toilet facilities. There are no seating facilities.


Entrance to Kirketorget is via Stukenbrocks gate.

Accredited guests and those working for the festival must use the entrance near to Dolly Dimples/Big Horn

Food and drink

There will be a wide range of food and drink on sale in the arena.

Forbidden items

It is forbidden to take the following into the concert area:

  • All forms of drink and bottles
  • Food
  • Umbrella
  • Camping chairs/stools
  • All weapons including knives and batons; other objects that can cause injury
  • SLR cameras or video cameras
  • Flammable materials
  • Banners and posters
  • Animals (except for working guide dogs or service dogs)


Kongsberg Jazz Festival is committed to being inclusive and offering access for everyone. However, since some of the festival venues are old buildings, there are some challenges and limitations.

Below you will find a list of the concert venues and their level of accessibility.

Accompanying carers (ledsagere)

Kongsberg Jazz Festival accepts proof of eligibility for accompanying carers at all concerts. In 2021 all people in wheelchairs and accompanying carers will have to order tickets via or on number (+47) 815 33 133. The ticket for accompanying carers is free of charge, but its still necessary to aquire it so we can monitor and limit any possible cases of Covid-19 during the festival - and also because of a limited venue capacity this year. 

Concert venues:

Christians Kjeller: Step-free access. Good access for wheelchair users in the yard. Unfortunately no disabled toilet facilities
Energimølla: Ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users. Disabled toilet facilities available.
Galleri Åkern: Difficult to access for wheelchair users. No disabled toilet facilities.
Kirketorget: Good access and easy to get around inside the arena. Dedicated area for wheelchair users with good view and disabled toilet nearby.
Kongsberg Church: Access via ramp at the south entrance of the church. Toilets only accessible via main entrance. No steps, but narrow access. No disabled toilet.
Kongsberg old cinema: Unfortunately, difficult access for wheelchair users owing to the staging used for the 2018 festival.
Smeltehytta: Good wheelchair access. Disabled toilet facilities available.
Quality Hotel Grand – Argus: Access via main entrance. Lift to cloakroom and toilets. Disabled toilet facilities in the basement with lift access.
“Festival street”/ “Jazz street”: No steps. Easy access for disabled people. Disabled toilet facilities available in the hotel.
Kongsberg Music Theatre (Kongsberg Musikkteater): Seating and lift for wheelchair users. No steps. The building has orientation points/guide paths. Audio loop available. Please contact the employees in the entrance hall for help.
Sølvsalen: Seating for disabled audience members. Disabled toilet facilities available
Gamle Norge: The outside area is easily accessible for wheelchair users.
Jazzboksen: Good access to the concert venue via ramp. Disabled toilet facilities available via ramp.
Barnival park: Ramps from the pavement and into the festival area, and to the tents. Disabled toilet facilities available. Please contact the festival office if you have questions.

// For press and music industry

Press accreditation

The application deadline for press accreditation is 15th of June. You will receive a reply by e-mail (possibly also by SMS) when your application has been processed. We will also send relevant information during the festival via e-mail/SMS. It is therefore very important that you include your correct e-mail address and mobile telephone number in your application!

We hope you will understand that, owing to capacity constraints, we have a strict accreditation policy. Journalists under 18 years of age will normally not receive accreditation, but may be allowed access to the audience area under special circumstances. If you are working on behalf of a media outlet, please send your application via your employer.

Apply for press accreditation here (lenke).

If a media outlet wishes to have more than one accredited journalist, please send a general group application, including all relevant names, to


Guest accreditation

All applications for guest (non-journalist) accreditation must be sent to

The press centre

The press centre is at Quality Grand Hotel, and will be manned from 10:00 to 18:00, Wednesday to Saturday of the festival period. Accreditations must be collected from here. Press conferences will take place at the centre and there will also be workstations, internet access and coffee available.

Festival photos

Our festival photographers will take pictures throughout the festival. Official photos will be uploaded to the festival’s flickr page. Please contact our press centre regarding rights and use of these photographs.


Map of the market area

The map shows the market area for 2018.

Stalls selling food will be placed over the bridge. 

Market stalls: Information and application form

The market area plays a major part in creating the festival atmosphere during the Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

In 2021 we will follow up previous years’ success with a market strip in Tinius Olsens street. 

Prices for a market stall space (3 x 3 metres) from Wednesday to Saturday:

Handcrafted goods and charitable organisations: NOK 3675 + VAT
Other sales goods: NOK 6300 + VAT
Sale of edible goods: price varies according to where the stall is situated
Electricity: NOK 250 + VAT (handcrafted goods/charities) / NOK 500 + VAT (other sales goods) / NOK 1000 + VAT (food stalls)

In order to apply for a stall, please fill out this form (lenke mangler)

Stall placement

All applicants will receive a written reply stating whether or not they can hire a market stall by 1 May 2018. We have a restricted area for the stalls and wish to present the widest possible range of goods for sale. It is likely that not all applicants will be granted space for a stall at the festival.

The festival will provide a measured-up space (3 x 3 metres) and access to electricity. Stallholders are required to provide their own tent, stall construction and cash register / card reader.


The cost of hiring stall space will be invoiced prior to the festival. Stallholders who have not paid by the deadline risk losing their stall space.

Sale of edible goods

Everyone applying for a food stall at the festival must provide a vegetarian (meat-free) option on their menu. We ask applicants to give details of the menu on the application form.

Every food stall must also have a fire extinguisher.

All distribution of edible goods must be reported to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s local office.

You can read more about routines for the sale of foodstuffs here.


There will be security guards in the market area in the evenings and through the nights. However, sales goods and equipment left in the stalls are the responsibility of the stallholder.


Every person selling goods and who therefore has an income from their presence at the festival must abide by Norwegian tax laws. The Norwegian Tax Commission may conduct checks during the festival.


Conditions for hiring stall space at Kongsberg Jazz Festival:

The stall space is available from Tuesday evening from 19:00 at the earliest. Stalls must have been put up by Wednesday at 15:00 at the latest.
Decisions made by the festival are final. If your stall is incorrectly placed it will be moved.

Delivery of goods by vehicle is only allowed between 03:00 and 10:00 on the days of the festival (Wednesday–Saturday). It is illegal to drive a vehicle in the market area outside these times and the police will be called if this should happen.

Delivery of goods outside the given times is to specified delivery points. If you foresee problems with delivery, please contact us in advance and we will find a solution.

Stallholders must bring their own extension leads to connect to the electricity supply.

Stallholders must follow instructions given by the festival’s functionaries. If you do not comply, you may be banned from the festival area for the remainder of the festival without compensation for costs of hiring the stall.

It is forbidden to park cars in the market stall area, except for cases in which goods are sold directly from a vehicle.

The stall space is only to be used by the person who has received confirmation from the festival, and only for the type of sales goods that the festival has approved. You may not appoint someone else to run the stall instead of yourself. Playing music from the stand is only allowed by agreement with the festival.

You may not under any circumstances sell the stall space to another party. Should this happen the stallholder will be banned from the area.

The stall area shall be kept tidy at all times. Rubbish must be thrown in the bins provided.

Stalls shall not be moved from the provided space.

Stallholders must tidy the area before they leave the festival. Should it be necessary for the festival to arrange to clean up the area, the stallholder will be invoiced for this work.

If you have cooking oil (or similar) to dispose of, you must inform the festival about this in advance. Illegal disposal of cooking oil etc. will result in the stallholder having to pay for it to be cleared up, as well as a fine from the festival.

The cost of hiring the stall space must have been paid BEFORE the stall can be set up.

Fire regulations must be followed. Fire extinguishers will be placed in some of the stalls.

The sale of “spaghetti spray”, firecrackers or other fireworks, air guns, knives, swords, throwing weapons or similar is not permitted. The same rule applies to all types of pipe and similar items. Products with symbols that may cause offence, especially those that may be associated with Nazism or other far-right ideologies, racism and drugs, may not be sold. It is the stall-holder’s responsibility to ensure that items on sale are not in conflict with Kongsberg Jazz Festival’s regulations.

Any breaches of regulations will be reported to the police. Stallholders who breach regulations will be banned from the area, and will not receive a refund of hire costs.

Kongsberg Jazz Festival is not responsible for any loss resulting from damage to or theft from market stalls.

Police will patrol the market area regularly.



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