1. June 2018

Kongsberg Jazz Festival is committed to being inclusive and offering access for everyone. However, since some of the festival venues are old buildings, there are some challenges and limitations.

Below you will find a list of the concert venues and their level of accessibility. Some concerts are seated and some are not. 

Kongsberg Musikkteater and Sølvsalen have seated concerts, except Snarky Puppy which is standing only. Kongsberg Kirke, Smeltehytta, Jazzboksen and Festivalgata are also seated – or seats are available. Christians Kjeller and Energimølla (except the late night concerts) offers both seating and standing. Gamle Norge and Kirketorget have standing concerts. 

Accompanying carers (ledsagere)

Kongsberg Jazz Festival accepts proof of eligibility for accompanying carers at all concerts. In 2022 all people in wheelchairs and accompanying carers will have to order tickets via Ticketmaster  The ticket for accompanying carers is free of charge. 

Concert venues:

Christians Kjeller: Step-free access. Good access for wheelchair users in the yard. Unfortunately no Accessble restroom facilities
Energimølla: Ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users. Accessble restroom facilities available.
Kirketorget: Good access and easy to get around inside the arena. Dedicated area for wheelchair users with good view and accessble restrooms nearby.
Kongsberg Church: Access via ramp at the south entrance of the church. Restrooms only accessible via main entrance. No steps, but narrow access. No accessble restrooms .
Smeltehytta: Wheelchair access. Accessble restroom facilities available.
Quality Hotel Grand – Argus: Access via main entrance. Lift to cloakroom and toilets. Accessble restroom facilities in the basement with lift access.
“Festival street”/ “Jazz street”: No steps. Easy access for disabled people. Accessble restroom facilities available in the hotel basement, access via elevator.
Kongsberg Music Theatre (Kongsberg Musikkteater): Seating and lift for wheelchair users. No steps. The building has orientation points/guide paths. Audio loop available. Please contact the employees in the entrance hall for help. Accessble restrooms available.
Sølvsalen: Seating for disabled audience members. Accessble restroom facilities available.
Gamle Norge: The outside area is easily accessible for wheelchair users. Accessble restrooms inside.
Jazzboksen: Good access to the concert venue via ramp. Accessble restroom facilities available via ramp.
Barnival park: Ramps from the pavement and into the festival area, and to the tents. Accessble restroom facilities available. Please contact the festival office if you have questions.


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