08.07.2017 KL.18:00
KR. 795/595 (Teengig),-

TOTO + The Waterboys

TOTO has for four decades been one of the world’s most successful and sought-after bands, and they’ve sold an incredible 40 million discs. The band had its biggest commercial success in the 1980s with immortal hits like “Hold the Line,” “Rosanna,” “Africa” ​​and “Stop Loving You” – songs that still rotate heavily on radio today.

The band members in TOTO have had a strong influence on the modern pop history: The various band members together have contributed to over 5000 (!) album recordings which collectively have sold over a half billion records. These recordings have collected an impressive 225 Grammy nominations. The members of Toto each have collaborated with names like Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Santana, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney – and the list of credible artists continues almost endlessly.

Early on set TOTO a high standard for staging and album production, in addition to all the musicians shining on their instruments. In 2015 the band came out with their first album in over a decade, and showed once again that they are a world-class band!

The Waterboys was formed in 1983, and that same year they released their self-titled debut album. The band was known for its distinctive post-punk sound and reached an artistic peak in 1985 when they released the modern masterpiece “This Is The Sea”. After this, The Waterboys constantly sought new ways with their music, and never ceased to surprise fans and critics alike. Towards the end of the 80s, they went in a more folk- and country-inspired direction, while the band in more recent times has recorded albums moving in a more roots-based and funky landscape.

In recent years, The Waterboys have experienced a revival. Both Ellie Goulding, The War On Drugs and the now deceased Prince, made new versions of the band’s immortal songs. We look forward to hearing The Waterboys perform these live at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival!

Doors open at. 18:00. 18+, no ”Adult accompaniment” at this event.




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