08.07.2022 KL.18:30
KR. 795,-

Stig Brenner / Astrid S / Ramón

An evening of honest, thoughtful and uplifting pop from three of Norway’s young stars.

Stig Brenner

Stig Brenner first made his name in the Norwegian pop world as rapper Unge Ferrari. Since his debut in 2015 he’s frequently topped the charts in Norway and been nominated for several major music awards. Now, with his new album “Hvite Duer, Sort Magi” (“White Doves, Black Magic”, 2021), Stig Brenner shows that he is in a better place – more secure, more grounded, more thoughtful. The album was created in Marocco, Bergen, Stockholm, Rome, Tuddal in Telemark and in Oslo. It features collaborations with other Scandinavian artists such as Siyabång, Marcus & Martinus, Larsiveli and Molly Sandén, and producers and songwriters such as Filip Kollsete, Aksel «Axxe» Carlson, Benjamin Folkvord Pedersen, P2J and AriPenSmith.

“As an artist you never get used to revealing to the world something you have worked on, scrubbed and polished for such a long time,” says Stig Brenner. “My only wish is that you, the listener, take your time when you put on the album; let it live, let it breathe, let it do its thing. It might not be for everyone, but if it means a lot to someone, that means everything to me.”

Kongsberg Jazz Festival looks forward to presenting this clear voice in Norwegian music with his elegant mix of hiphop, R’n’B and pop.


Astrid S

Astrid S is one of the biggest international artists to come out of Norway in the last few years. With over 3 billion streams of hit singles like “Hurts so good”, “Think before I talk” and “Emotion”, 6 EPs and sold-out world tours, she has been pretty busy. Most importantly, she’s done things her way, written and produced her own songs and directed her own music videos on the way to completing her debut album from 2020, “Leave it beautiful”. Her music, but also her incredibly positive energy, has garnered millions of followers on all the major social media. Her most recent achievement is her acting debut as Cinderella in the remake of the iconic film “Tre nøtter til Askepott” (Three wishes for Cinderella).
Astrid S is passionate about the environment. She ensures that her tours are carbon-offset, and has also started her own company producing more environmentally friendly merchandise and other concepts.
Catchy, singable tunes and great song texts will abound when Astrid S takes the stage on Kirketorget.



At 23 years of age, Ramón has already made a name for himself on the Norwegian pop scene. His three EPs and a series of great concerts have drawn him a wide audience, thanks not least to his openness, both in his music and in his life. In his songs he tells recognizable stories about insecurity, sorrow, love and loneliness – while he is also adored by his fans for not taking himself too seriously, and for his self-deprecating jokes on social media. His song “Smil pent” (“Smile nicely”) from his 2021 EP “Smile pent, stå i ro” (Smile nicely, stand still”), stayed at no 3 on the Norwegian charts – and any concerts that were permitted during the pandemic were sold out to fans who sang through the whole gig.
In February 2022, Ramón released his single “ok jeg lover” (“ok I promise”) – and broke all previous records with over 600,000 streams in its first 24 hours, topping the charts and streaming to gold disc status in its first week. Now he can finally take to the road, with his fantastic band – their unique stage chemistry guarantees a fantastic show.
While 2021 introduced Ramón to the world, in 2022 he’ll emerge as a serious artist with a serious project and – not least – a serious fanbase. We look forward to his coming debut album, and of course to his appearance at Kongsberg Jazz Festival!


DOORS: 17:30


Ticket info: 

Both 18+ main area and No age limit-area available. There is also a designated area for wheelchair users. After this concert, at 01:00, there will be night busses from Kongsberg Station to Drammen, tickets here: Night bus tickets!



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