Saturday 04.07.15

Page A

Concert start: 22.30 Single ticket price: NOK 250

The music of Side A is rooted in the post-bop tradition, but has the openness of free jazz and the energy of rock. The compositions are both simple and elegant, but are primarily a starting point for energetic and expressive improvisation. 

The Chicago Musician Ken Vandermark is a central figure in contemporary jazz music - both as a musician, composer and band leader. Few can engage an audience like him with a playing that can be both free, powerful and energetic, melodic and rhythmic - and sometimes lyrical, and which is always engaging and engrossing. Ken Vandermark has played a lot with European musicians, and especially with Swedish and Norwegian ones. He has played with the Norwegian pianist on several occasions Håvard Wiik, now in the festival-current trio Page A. No one will deny Håvard Wiik's unique position. We have heard him in bands such as Atomic, Motif, in his own trios and in many other contexts. He always impresses! Third man in Side A, the drummer Chad Taylor, also comes from the particularly thriving music scene in Chicago and is perhaps best known for his collaboration with trumpeter Rob Mazurek, with guitarists Marc Ribot and Jeff Parker - and many, many others.

Page A:

Ken Vandermark (sax, clarinet)
Håvard Wiik (piano)
Chad Taylor (drums)

Other artists

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Saturday, July 6 / Time: 15:00

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Photographer Carsten Stolzenbach
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Photographer Martin Rustad Johansen
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Susanna "Baudelaire & Oslo Sinfonietta"

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Thursday, July 4 / Time: 21:30

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Thursday, July 4 / Time: 17:30

Per Zanussi: Liminal Beings (commissioned work)