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Friday 07.07.23 am
Kongsberg Musikkteater

Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones is coming to the Kongsberg Jazz Festival!

Concert start: 21:00 Single ticket price: NOK 690

During an impressive career spanning nearly five decades, Rickie Lee Jones holds a unique status in modern American popular music history.

Two-time Grammy winner Rickie Lee Jones burst onto the pop scene in 1979 with "Chuck E.'s In Love." Her debut album "Ricky Lee Jones" was produced by studio legends Lenny Waronker and Russ Titelmann and sounds like an indefinable mix of jazz, pop and rock with Jones' characteristic soprano voice on top.

After a career with multiple album releases, several of which have been strongly jazz-influenced, this spring she comes out with the album Pieces of Treasure, which is a reunion with the legendary producer Russ Titelman. The album is devoted entirely to the American Songbook, and jazz artist Rickie Lee Jones is more prominent than ever. The first single "Just In Time" features, among other things, Mike Mainieri on vibraphone.

Rickie Lee Jones comes to Kongsberg Musikkteater with a band, and we promise an exclusive experience with a unique artist.

Rickie Lee Jones – vocals/guitar/piano, Paul Nowiski – bass, Ben Rosenblum – piano/accordion, Vilray Bolles – guitar


20:00 The doors open
21:00 Concert start

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