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Programme: Jazzboksen // Friday

Explore young talents at Jazzboksen!

Outside our regular festival program, we also have concerts at Jazzboksen. Here we organize free concerts every day, all day – and give students, semiprofessional and amateurs the opportunity to play concert for a wide audience.

Watch out, tomorrow’s jazz stars can be found among this program. Previously, artists such as Fieh, Frøy, Bendik Baksaas and Hilde Marie Holsen have played on this scene.


August Kann & Aksel Undset m.band // 13:45

They are two single artists who have recently started a duo. In addition to soul-shaking and soul-securing music, they promise tears and laughter from both the audience and themself. August and Aksel have known each other since their birth in the 90s and have played music together since then.


Gunnar Nilsen band // 15:30

This band presents music which the Norwegian drummer, Egil «Bop» Johansen recorded with his band, Jazz Incorporated. Already as a teenager EBJ was regarded as one of the best in Norway. Became professional at the age of 16.


Silje Torsøe // 17:00

Siljes songs tells stories about both close and casual relations, about the joy and wonder of life, passion and vulnerability. These are aspects of life that many of us can relate to and recognize.

Soul, funk, folk, jazz, pop are some of the genres that Silje loves. Artists like Stevie Wonder, Lisa Nilsson, Eva Weel Skram, D ́sound, Chaka Khan and Beady Belle have all been an inspiration.


Ask Carol // 18:30

With front woman Carol’s distinctive, dynamic range and badass vocals, this two-piece creates a wall of sound. With their guitars, drums and fuzz-synth, they are a multitasking band, not afraid of pushing musical boundaries. Their music could make you think of bands like The Kills, The XX and Snail Mail, but with a grungy, darker nordic sound. You could call the genre nordic indie-grunge-pop.


Epleslang // 20:00

Epleslang is a newly started quartet that plays improvised music with elements of noise and ambient. 


Photo: Amalie Holt Kleive // 21:30

Amalie Holt Kleive is a wise, pop artist who makes electronic danceable and touching music that is impossible not to like. She combines exciting vocal melodies with improvisation and harmonics from jazz, with beats from house and electronics, and is inspired by lyrics from poems and singing. Together, the expression is something completely unique and very beautiful.


Observe that there are no age restrictions in Festivalgata until 20:00.



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