Thursday 04.07.19
Festival Street

Program: Festivalgata // Thursday

Concert start: 11.00 Price single ticket: Free,


In collaboration with Quality Hotel Grand, we welcome the public to feel the festival atmosphere in Jazzgata. Here there are free concerts throughout the day, and DJs into the late hours of the night.


CANCELED: Shan // 12:00

Poignant lyrics, tight grooves and progressive melodies make up the familiar expression of Shan. The music is strongly influenced by the individual's musicality and personality. The songs bear the stamp of timelessness and unpredictability, with strong dynamic events, but at the same time it is almost impossible not to be drawn into the universe and the energy Shan creates on stage.


The bucket hats // 13:30 p.m

5 young people from Kongsberg Cultural School are ready for the Kongsberg Jazz Festival. Throughout the year, they participate in UngJam at Musikkhuset Energimølla. The music ranges from pop, funk, rock and a bit of jazz - but always in a good mood.


Kongsberg Big band // 15:00

The band gives you a varied menu of tones and rhythms. We move from high energy funk and rock to soft ballads - from Latin America to Africa. With an age range from 17 to 70+, young talents get to flourish among grey-haired veterans from the local jazz scene. We are happy that the "hatchery" is still working!


Gamekingz // 16:30 p.m

Gamekingz is a hip-hop / rap group from Drammen and Oslo. The trio started making music together in 2011, have long been local live favorites in Drammen and delivered well with their energetic arrangements and powerful songs.


Pauline Skoglund-Voss // 18:00

The Paulin Voss Band plays pop music with influences from both jazz and classical music. Paulin's velvety vocals are dressed in gorgeous arrangements that are taken care of by cello, double bass, piano and drums, not to forget the lovely vocal harmonies of the band's members.


Vacation Mode // 19:30 p.m

Vacation Mode delivers delicious rhythms, funky beats and deep lyrics. Through the music, the aim is to provide a break from everyday life and rather let the audience slip straight into holiday mode.


DJ Ole K // 21:00

Ole K has been a DJ around Norway since the late nineties! He plays a blissful mix of soul, funk, yacht rock, disco and pop. Not too weird, not too straight, but very dance-friendly.


Note that there is a free age limit in Festivalgata until 20:00 p.m.!


Festivalgata is open every day during the festival, check out the rest of the programme: 


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Other artists

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