Friday 05.07.19 am
Festival Street

Program: Festivalgata // Friday

Concert start: 11.00 Price single ticket: Free,


In collaboration with Quality Hotel Grand, we welcome the public to feel the festival atmosphere in Jazzgata. Here there are free concerts throughout the day, and DJs into the late hours of the night.


Kongsberg Big band // 11:00

The band gives you a varied menu of tones and rhythms. We move from high energy funk and rock to soft ballads - from Latin America to Africa. After 17 years, Jon Gunnar Tovsrud asked for a replacement, and we have been lucky enough to have Oreste Kindilide as conductor. With an age range from 17 to 70+, young talents get to flourish among grey-haired veterans from the local jazz scene. We are happy that the "hatchery" is still working!


Living Alma // 12:30 p.m

Living Alma is an indie/folk band from Halden in Østfold. They recently released their first EP, Sleepy Sun, onto the internet. With its roots planted in the folk-rock genre, Living Alma takes inspiration from today's indie-pop scene, with a hint of 60's soul and psychedelic rock.


Kris Ivy // 14:00 p.m

Kris Ivy is an artist who for many years has belonged to the singer/songwriter category. Text and melody are often written at the same time. He has the ability to write songs in many genres. Many of the songs are within the Americana genre, but he also moves into pop, rock and jazz. The texts are stories inspired by own and other people's experiences and events from far and near.

Kris Ivy can often be seen on stage as a vocalist and guitarist in various settings, but it is among his fellow musicians in his own 7-man band that he is most comfortable. 


Phunky Phat // 15:30 p.m

Phunky Phat is a power trio consisting of two guitarists and a drummer. With roots in rock, jazz, blues and soul, self-composed instrumental music is played in an expressive expression where the music moves in spherical soundscapes, singable melodies and suggestive drumming make the rock danceable. ATTENTION! It's going to boil.


IDA&Gutta // 17:00

Ida&Gutta is an alternative rock band located in a prog/punk/art/pop music landscape. Their music has been described as playful, dynamic, atmospheric and expressive.


Ian & the Jazzheads // 18:30 p.m

The British saxophonist Ian Trewhella has been part of the jazz scene in several countries before he landed in Norway. Together with musicians from Hurum, Oslo and Azerbaijan, Trewhella formed the band Ian & the JazzHeads in 2017.

Ian & the Jazz Heads have an informal but engaging approach to a broad repertoire within jazz and jazz-rock, with songs by, among others, the Brecker Brothers, Bob Berg and Mike Stern, Sam Rivers, John Coltrane.


Funked Up // 20:00 p.m

Funked Up is the local band that plays tough and well-known tunes - with lots of punch and joy in playing! With as many as 3 vocalists at the front, brass band and a tight-fitting band, it's guaranteed to be hot in Festivalgata!


DJ Ole K // 21:00

Ole K has been a DJ around Norway since the late nineties! He plays a blissful mix of soul, funk, yacht rock, disco and pop. Not too weird, not too straight, but very dance-friendly.


Note that there is a free age limit in Festivalgata until 20:00 p.m.!


Festivalgata is open every day during the festival, check out the rest of the programme: 


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