Saturday 08.07.23
Christians kjeller

Poesioasen: På stengrunn

Visemusikken's supergroup celebrates Rudolf Nilsen's poetry with anniversary concerts in 2023!

Concert start: 15:00 Single ticket price: NOK 390

In 1973, a small piece of music history was written with the album "På stengrunn". The album contained lyrics from the working-class poet Rudolf Nilsen (1901-1929), set to music by some of the country's leading singers. Titles such as "Voice of the Revolution", "I had thought" and "Gategut" resonated with the rebellious spirit of the 70s, and the album sold double platinum before the group's members continued their careers on their own.

Since then, Lillebjørn Nilsen, Jon Arne Corell, Kari Svendsen, Lars Klevstrand, Steinar Ofsdal and Carl Morten Iversen have continued to influence musical life in Norway, and "På stengrunn" has remained a reference work in the Norwegian political music tradition.

Four decades later, the musicians behind "På stengrunn" returned to the stage. The follow-up album "På gjensyn" received rave reviews and revitalized the group's work. Soon after came Jon Arne Corell's biography of Rudolf Nilsen, based on new and unpublished material.

Now, 50 years after "På stengrunn", the musicians behind the album are doing a handful of selected concerts to celebrate Rudolf Nilsen's lyrics, with a brand new songbook in the bag, illustrated by original member Lillebjørn Nilsen, and a corresponding tour ending on the main stage at Rockefeller.

A small piece of music history - which is not quite over yet! Join us for a small event in the backyard of Christian's basement on Saturday 8 July!

Steinar Ofsdal – flutes, cello
Lars Klevstrand – guitar, vocals
Edvard Askeland – double bass
Kari Svendsen – banjo, vocals

Pål Moddi Knutsen and Jon Arne Corell have unfortunately dropped out due to illness.

The doors open at 14:00 p.m
Concert start at 15:00

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