Thursday 04.07.24

Per Zanussi: Liminal Beings (commissioned work)

DNB award winner Per Zanussi brings Norwegian and European musicians to the premiere of the commissioned work Liminal Beings.

Concert start: 17:30 Single ticket price: NOK 420

The bassist, composer and bandleader Per Zanussi has been central to Norwegian and European jazz for many years, so it was quite natural that he received the Kongsberg Jazz Festival's major musician prize, the DNB prize, in 2023. As prizewinner, he is back at Kongsberg this year with several projects. One of them is the commissioned work "Liminal Beings".

"The inspiration for the play 'Liminal Beings' comes from the 'liminal,'" says Per Zanussi. "That which is in the middle, on the threshold between states, genres, musical processes and the structured and improvised". 

He has brought along some of the most important jazz musicians in Europe, and they improvise over composed material where we capture inspiration from many different traditions: Indian, Korean and African music, jazz and improvised music and classical music.

This will be a mixture that is both varied and comprehensive - and it is melodic and groovy!

Susana Santos Silva – trumpet
Lotte Anker – saxophones
Karl Hjalmar Nyberg – saxophone, synth
Jonas Cambien – piano, saxophone, keyboards, electronics
Hans Hulbækmo – drums
Per Zanussi – double bass

The doors open at 17:00 p.m
Concert start at 17:30

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