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Saturday 06.07.19
Gamle Norge

Øystein Sunde

Øystein Sunde with the "full package" for the Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Concert start: 16:00 Single ticket price: NOK 490

Øystein Sunde's solo career began at Dolphin's vice club in Oslo in 1966. "It was a club full of enthusiastic beginners in their late teens. You got to sit on a bar stool and sing three songs, and then it was the next person up," says Sunde about this time. After four years on the stool, the first album came out, and it really set fire to his career.  
Today, Sunde can look back on a 50-year history full of record releases, show successes, TV productions and collaborations with the best in Norwegian showbiz – Ingrid Bjørnov, Gitarkameratene, Halvdan Sivertsen, Finn Kalvik, Eldar Vågan, Dizzie Tunes & Grethe Kausland, Hege Schøyen and Vazelina Bilopphøggers - to name a few.
Sunde has of course his regular band, "Meget i Sløyd", but this time there will also be a "full package" with Staffan William-Olsson's jazz band "Sharp Nine", Reidar Larsen on piano and choir from "Erfarne Kvinnfolk".
After several years of trying, we finally succeeded in getting the legendary Øystein Sunde on the poster - together with all these great jazz musicians, says Festival Manager Kai Gustavsen. 

Welcome to a different concert with Øystein Sunde!


"Much in the gut":

Knerten Kamfjord – bass
Terje Kinn – banjo, guitar

Knut Hem – drums, dobro, weissenborn
Øystein Fosshagen – fiddle, mandolin

Reidar Larsen – piano

"Sharp 9":
Staffan William-Olsson – guitar
Birgit Kjuus – trumpet
Roy Nikolaisen - trumpet
David Edge – baritone sax
Guy Sion – alto sax
Knut Riisnæs – tenor sax
Kristoffer Kompen – trombone
"Experienced women" - choir:
Kari Iveland
Marianne Lisland
Elisabeth Moberg

The doors open at approx. 15:00
Concert start at 16:00
Age limit: none

Accompanying person with an accompanying certificate: only needs to buy a seat ticket and only pays the ticket fee. Contact Ticketmaster for further information.


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