Thursday 06.07.23

Ola Kvernberg STEAMDOME

Ola Kvernberg is getting ready for this year's Kongsberg Jazz Festival with the same shameless attitude to genre mixing and a newfound desire to rouse the audience out of the living room for a music therapeutic free time.

Concert start: 23:59 Single ticket price: NOK 420

As one of Norway's most versatile musicians and composers, it was the encounter with club music that would ignite the spark Ola needed to start the Steamdome train in 2017. With several of Norway's most influential musicians on board, the ball began to roll in earnest. The album quickly developed into the band Steamdome, and one of the most sensational commercial breakthroughs for a Norwegian jazz musician was a fact. 

With “Steamdome II: The Hypogean» from 2021, Kvernberg avoided the travel restrictions by drilling down into the earth's surface. Sometimes like a runaway gravity train, other times like a strong silent machine through sonorous rock spaces. Destination? Earth's glowing iron heart, and in the last two years also the scene of Kvernberg's private escape room, devoid of rules and with an extensive approach to what rhythm and harmonies can do to a club floor.

When Steamdome's first album thundered through the sound barrier five years ago, words of praise from press and audience rained down. Sold-out concerts, several prestigious awards and a top 10 position on the list of Norway's best-selling vinyl records later, the sequel is here. Where the debut album's dogma was pure, organic, percussive music, quieter The Hypogean with synths, drum machines, prepared piano, harps, pump organ and vocals. With the impatient DNA of a jazz musician and a film composer's flair for concept and drama, it is never an option for Ola Kvernberg to recycle himself. On The Hypogean the musicians step out of their usual roles. Ola likes to replace the fiddle with a drum machine and synth bass, bassist Nikolai Hængsle picks up the guitar and Daniel Formo sets the sound scene on fire with home-made noise machines.

Ola Kvernberg – fiddle, viola, guitar, synths, prepared piano, organ, percussion
Erik Nylander – drums, drum machines, percussion
Olaf Olsen – drums, percussion
Daniel Buner Formo – organ, synths, misc. keys
Nikolai Hängsle – bass
Øyvind Blomstrøm – guitars, pedal steel

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