09.07.2022 KL.20:00
KR. 795,-

Madrugada & Frida Ånnevik

Two of Norway’s most popular artists play the night in on Kirketorget


Madrugada, who release a new album on 28 January, are confirmed for Kongsberg Jazz Festival!

Since the release of their debut album “Industrial Silence” in 1999, Madrugada have recorded four studio albums and one live album – and secured a level of appreciation among Norwegian audiences that few other bands can match. On “Industrial Silence”, Sivert Høyem sang “Oh in time, you and I, we’ll shine” – as if it was a promise to be fulfilled. And we have waited, and hoped … and at the end of January the long-awaited new album, “Chimes at Night”, will be released, followed by a major tour in Norway and abroad.

In the decade after “Industrial Silence, Madrugada released four more studio albums. When the band split up in 2008, after arduous work to complete their self-titled album, it appeared the story was over. When they reunited in 2019, to everyone’s surprise, it was the start of a new chapter – since when their audience has just kept growing.

Madrugada started working on “Chimes at Night” after their comeback tour in 2019. It has been created in their own Oslo studio, Malabar, as well as at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg and in Berlin. Most of the music on the album is new, but the band has also breathed new life into a few older songs. The album was recorded in February 2020, at the legendary Sunset Sound studios in Los Angeles, in the same rooms that have seen the creation of classic albums by bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Doors. We predict that the popularity of this unique Norwegian band will skyrocket with the release of the new album.

Ticket info: 

Both 18+ main area and No age limit-area available. There is also a designated area for wheelchair users. After this concert, at 01:00, there will be night busses from Kongsberg Station to Drammen, tickets here: Night bus tickets!



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