Thursday 06.07.23

LILJA Extended

LILJA brings the world to Kongsberg!

Concert start: 19:00 Single ticket price: NOK 390

At last year's Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Oddrun Lilja received DNB's #huninvesterer grant, and she is now returning to the festival with an expanded band to play a concert that sums up her artistry so far.

The audience will hear music from the albums "Marble" (2020) and "Mirage" (released in spring 2023), in addition to which there will also be excerpts from "I", LILJA's tingings work for this year's Vossa Jazz. Together, these three parts form a trilogy, and they are stitched together into a whole during this year's Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

In the first album, "Marble", LILJA named the compositions after ten cities, where she has been over time and collaborated with musicians in recent years. For album number two, she has selected four traditionalists with whom she has collaborated to create a mirage of the marble, seen from our perspective. The title of Tingingsverket to Vossa Jazz is "I", as in the Roman numeral one, and with reference to the English I, "I". Here she uses the fascinating skald poem "Lilja" as a backdrop and inspiration for the work.

Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir is a versatile and innovative composer, guitarist and vocalist from Oslo's jazz scene. As an artist, she tours the world, and has had collaborative projects with musicians in India, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Iceland and New York, among others. The impressions from all these journeys and musical encounters shape the music we will hear from the stage at Energimølla during this year's Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir – guitar and vocals 
Beady Belle – vocals 
Khalid Laaouam – vocals, guembri and krakebs 
Anders Røine – vocals, langeleik, fiddle and harmonica
Helga Myhr – vocals, harding fiddle  
Jo Skaansar – bass and vocals
Erik Nylander – drums 

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