08.07.2017 KL.23:59
Kongsberg kirke
KR. 420,-

Anniversary concert: Karin Krog

Karin Krog, Norway’s jazz veteran, will celebrate her 80th birthday in 2017. This will be marked at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival with a premiere of a brand new cooperation.

At the traditional noon concert at Kongsberg church, Karin Krog will perform with the British organist Howard Moody and his longtime collaborator John Surman on saxophones.
John Surman and Howard Moody have previously released the album “Rain on the window” on ECM in 2008, but this is the first time we’ll see Surman, Moody and Krog on the same stage. During the concert, Moody will use the historic Gloger organ that has stood in Kongsberg church since 1765.

Karin Krog is arguably one of Norway’s most important jazz musicians, and has been since she debuted with her first solo album in 1964. Karin Krog performed at the very first edition of the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in 1964, and has, through a long career, had the unique ability to renew herself. She has experimented with vocal techniques, toured the world with both Norwegian and international fellow musicians, and has a large following both at home and abroad. As recent as 2013 Karin Krog received a Grammy Award in the jazz category for the album “Songs About This and That” with John Surman. She has been sampled by hip hop artist Madlib – and in 2014, hipster magazine Natt & Dag proclaimed Karin Krog as Norway’s biggest cult artist.

Karin Krog (vocals), John Surman (saxophones), Howard Moody (church organ)


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