Friday 05.07.24 am
Kongsberg Musikkteater

Joshua Redman Group feat. Gabrielle Cavassa

Joshua Redman comes to Kongsberg Jazzfestival with his new musical collaboration with vocalist Gabrielle Cavassa.

Concert start: 21:00 Single ticket price: NOK 590

Early in his career, Joshua Redman described his creative process as "preserving my roots while extending my branches." The last shot on his career tree is the collaboration with vocalist Gabrielle Cavassa. On Friday 5 July you can hear the unique collaboration in Kongsberg Musikkteater.

Saxophonist Joshua Redman places himself – largely – in the musical legacy of Sonny Rollins. He has much of the same irresistible rhythmic swing as the old master. He has a tone, a phrasing and an improvisational imagination that make him the obvious successor of the Rollins tradition. But he's not copying Rollins, he's absolutely his own master! And he himself mentions musicians such as John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Cannonball Adderley as important inspirations. And he adds artists outside of jazz who have also influenced him: The Beatles, Prince and Aretha Franklin. And of course it has meant a lot that he is the son of the great Dewey Redman.

Now Redman collaborates for the first time with a vocalist, Gabrielle Cavassa. This newly discovered shooting star is originally from California, but now lives in New Orleans. She is something of a sensation on the international jazz scene, a vocalist who seems to be influenced by Portishead's Beth Gibbons as well as Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan.

In autumn 2023, the first album with Redman and Cavassa - "Where Are We" came out. Here, Joshua Redman and the band take the listener on a journey through the United States, with their versions of songs such as "Streets of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen and "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens. The renowned jazz magazine Jazzwise gave the album four stars - which means "excellent"! When twenty English critics were to choose the year's best records in the same magazine, "Where Are We" came out on top.

Joshua Redman – saxophone
Gabrielle Cavassa – vocals
Paul Cornish – piano
Philip Norris – bass
Nazir Ebo – drums

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