06.07.2019 KL.14:00
Christians kjeller
KR. 350,-

Poesioasen: Jonas Fjeld

Jonas Fjeld is a popular Norwegian singer-songwriter who started his career in shabby pubs and dusty dance venues. His songs have captured a place in the heart of the Norwegian nation.

“Engler i sneen” (“Angels in the snow”) is a phrase that has a special meaning for Norwegians. Jonas Fjeld’s song with the same title has been voted third best Norwegian song and is a clear audience favourite.

Jonas Fjeld is a shy guy from Drammen who likes life best in the shadows with a cold Aass beer in his hand. But give him a guitar and a microphone, and he transforms into a more outgoing version of himself. Jonas Fjeld has got where he is today through nearly 50 years of touring and concerts, giving lessons in life and emotion though simple but beguiling words and music.

In Kongsberg he plays in duo at the Poesioase, bringing his jovial nature, popular songs and gently rocking guitar-playing. Genuinely good for the soul.


Jonas Fjeld – vocals and guitar
Ben Basgård – guitar


Doors: 13:00
Show: 14:00


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