Thursday 04.07.24
Kongsberg Musikkteater

John Scofield & Dave Holland Duo

Two of jazz's brightest stars have found a duo together. Guitarist John Scofield and bassist Dave Holland are coming to the Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

Concert start: 21:00 Single ticket price: NOK 590

It is claimed that when Miles Davis heard the 22-year-old Dave Holland in London in 1968, smiled the usually so closed sphinx. Dave Holland played with Miles for a couple of years, and as for so many others, the interaction with Miles Davis meant a powerful musical push ahead. For a number of years, he has had a clear top position both as an instrumentalist, band leader and composer. He has appeared in a number of quite different constellations, also in duos with many prominent musicians. The collaboration with John Scofield is the most recent.

John Scofield has also been taught at the Miles Davis Academy, and he left his distinctive mark on several Miles Davis records. He has developed a highly personal and easily recognizable style in which he fuses impulses from both Jim Hall, George Benson and blues musicians such as BB King. He has, along with Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell, been jazz's leading guitarist in recent decades.

Although the duo project is relatively new, these two musicians can look back on several fine collaborative projects, e.g. on Joe Henderson's epoch-making tribute to Miles Davis – So Near So Far – and on the all-star quartet ScoLoHoFo with Joe Lovano and Al Foster.

John Scofield and Dave Holland are both superb improvisers who thrive both with strongly rhythmic music and with the more refined lyricism. At tonight's concert, they will present both their own compositions and several of jazz's classic standard songs.

John Scofield – guitar
Dave Holland – double bass

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