Saturday 06.07.19
The jazz box

Jazz talk // Saturday

Now's The Time with talks and musician meetings in the Jazzbox

Concert start: 12.00 Price single ticket: Free,

Welcome to entertaining jazz talk with Now's The Times. Audun Vinger & Filip Roshauw in a meeting with Kongsberg current guests.
Eirik Hegdal about being this year's festival musician
Tor Dalaker Lund musical memories from Kongsberg
Ragnhild Menes from the Kongsberg Jazz Festival to the Norwegian Jazz Forum

Other artists

Skavangertun nursing home
Thursday, July 4 / Time: 12:00

Golden Jazz 2024

Kongsberg church
Sunday, June 30th / Time: 19:00

Kongsberg Storband and Anne-Carolyn Schlüter: Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert

Private Bar
Friday, July 5 / Time: 16:00

At the gate to the forest of silence: A meeting with Stian Carstensen and Lars Elling

The picture is from 1624
Private Bar
Thursday, July 4 / Time: 20:00


This is a picture of Swing'it
Private Bar
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 16:00

Swing it

Saturday, July 6 / Time: 14:30

Avanthagen: Marlies Debacker + Inga Stenøien + Moberg/Lien