Sunday 04.07.21
Kongsberg church

Jazz fair in Kongsberg Church

At this year's jazz fair, blue tones meet folk music. Musicians are Kjetil Flatland on saxophone/vocals and Helge Wahl Flatland on keys. Both musicians are rooted in rhythmic music and often use folk music interspersed with blue tones in their arrangements.

Concert start: 18:00 Price single ticket: Free,

The music of the Flatland guys is cross-genre and Kjetil's alternating use of his warm singing voice in the sounding Telemark dialect and expressive saxophone playing in dialogue with Helge's folk-tone jazz touch on the keys create an atmospheric soundscape. The church's cantor, Kristin F. Solbu, also plays during the jazz mass, and the notes from the Gloger organ intertwine with the music from the duo down in the church. The liturgist at the jazz fair is Roar Tønnessen.
After the jazz mass, there will be coffee and jazz tunes on the church ground (weather permitting).
The donation at the jazz fair goes to SOS Children's Villages and Kongsberg Jazzhus Malawi.

About the musicians:

The saxophonist, singer and composer Kjetil Flatland from Seljord is active on many fronts. He is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and already had extensive experience as a musician when he released his critically acclaimed debut album "Ein song til deg" in 2015. The album was largely a collaboration with master fiddler and cultural bearer Knut Buen, who had written several of the lyrics and the melodies on the disc, in addition he collaborated with Helge Flatland on the musical arrangements.

Helge Wahl Flatland is a trained rhythmic pianist from the conservatory in Agder and teaches at the music school in Kongsberg and is a well-established and versatile musician, skilled arranger and composer who has performed extensively both as a soloist and in a band context, and has participated in numerous concert projects in the church and in other arenas.

Kristin Flatland Solbu has her church music education from the University of Stavanger and since 2006 has been employed as one of two cantors in Kongsberg church. On a number of musical occasions, Flatland Solbu has used the Glorger organ as a complementary, sound-creating element in the rhythmic soundscape.

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