Saturday 09.07.22
Gamle Norge

Jan Eggum

Welcome to an exclusive afternoon concert with one of the country's biggest artists - Jan Eggum.

Concert start: 17:00 Single ticket price: NOK 420

It is said that Jan Eggum gives melancholy a face, and if anyone is going to break down that myth, it must be Jan Eggum himself. Eggum is driven in meeting the audience, knows what they want and paints sharp and lasting observations about modern people looking for something to hold on to. On stage, he oozes humor, warmth and life experience that most of us can only experience on precisely Jan Eggum's concert. As an important and prominent figure in Norwegian visual arts and popular music since the mid-70s, Jan Eggum is known for being a cheerful melancholic. He characterizes himself as an artist who sings simply about difficult things, mainly about the tension between people. Musically, he has his starting point in the music tradition, with clear references to jazz and rock. Jan Eggum has received several Spellemann awards, both as a solo artist and as a member of the Guitar Friends. 

In 2022, Jan will travel around the country. What more could one want? A couple of extra tickets, maybe. Because once you have experienced Jan Eggum, you will want to see him again. And again. And again.

For this concert at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Jan Eggum has brought a special band with him for the occasion, consisting of musicians who are known from e.g. soul band Fieh. We look forward!

Jan Eggum (vocals, guitar), Jørgen Kasbo (guitar), Martin Morland (bass), Ola Øverby (drums)

Concert start: 17:00
Doors open: 16:00 

Age limit 20 years. No guardianship arrangement.

Remember that you can buy a Gamle Norge pass, which gives access to all 7 concerts at Gamle Norge during the festival. Link to purchase a pass here.


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