Thursday 04.07.24
Kongsberg church

Horta: Elias Akselsen / Stian Carstensen / Ola Kvernberg

HORTA - Romani music with one of our foremost mediators in Kongsberg church.

Concert start: 17:00 Single ticket price: NOK 520

Elias Akselsen, Ola Kvernberg and Stian Carstensen take us on a journey through the fascinating musical history of the Romani people. "Horta" means "real" in the Tatar language Romani, and it will be a genuine and poignant encounter with "the traveller's" show tradition in Kongsberg church.

Elias Akselsen has experienced and remembers the traditional Tater life, with ostracism and discrimination. He has lived a tiring life of constant travel; he has sought refuge in the musical tradition of the Romani people, and has partly lived from it.

"These are songs that have been sung for generations," says Elias Axelsen. “Music was communication; you sang about what you experienced. About lost love, longing for those who had disappeared. About persecution in his own fatherland. It will become mournful songs". 

Elias Akselsen has brought along the two of the country's musicians who best slide frictionlessly into this form of music. "Stian is a fabulous musician, regardless of whether he plays for the poor or the rich," says Akselsen. "A fabulous musician, just like Ola. Not everyone gets the honor of working with two such musicians."

Elias Akselsen has gradually gained a high star among a large audience, but he has come a long way from being a "rännestensongare" in Stockholm, and waking up to "carpenters and policemen", to singing for the royal house. In 2023, he received the Norwegian Culture Council's honorary award.

Elias Akselsen – vocals
Stian Carstensen – accordion
Ola Kvernberg – violin

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