Kongsberg Jazzfestival. Hvert år i uke 27.
4.-7. juli 2018

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Gamle Norge


The Norwegian countryrock band Hellbillies was formed in Hallingdal in 1990. Hellbillies was quick to build up a strong reputation and a large audience with their successful adaptation of American country rock, all sung in their native Halling dialect. The group has released ten studio albums and four live albums and one compilation album and most have sold to gold or platinum. The band has won three Grammy Awards and was awarded the artist of the year award at the Grammy Awards 2007. In October 2016, the band released their latest album “Søvnlaus” and since then Hellbillies has continued the life on the road to entertain the Norwegian people. Now the time has come to play Kongsberg Jazzfestival!