06.07.2019 KL.23:30
Gamle Norge
KR. 550,-

Adam Douglas med Hanne Boel

Every Saturday he solved new musical challenges in Stjernekamp, and ended up winning the entire competition

Adam Douglas is 36 years old, the “unknown” winner of Stjernekamp. But far from an blank page for those interested in blues and soul. It is said that he has played on any brown knee in the whole country. He even says he has played “some”. He undermines. He says he is “quite interested in guitar”, while those who have heard him play will claim to be one of the best in the country. Adam Douglas is a not a typycal American living in Norway.

He is raised in Oklahoma, living in Chicago and Minneapolis. He hit the stage when he was eight years old and has not looked back. Adam Douglas is a playmaker in the correct sense of the word. His music is about playing for people. About the moments that are happening on the stage and about the moments that happen in the meeting with the audience.


“I practice as little as possible because I want to experience the energy of the moment. I have always liked to be the worst in the room. The best thing I know is to be surrounded by people who are better than me, so I always try to pick the best musicians I can and hang on to them, ” he says.


It was only in the fall of 2017 that Adam Douglas would step out of the shadow and into the thousand homes. Every Saturday he solved new musical challenges in Stjernekamp, and ended up winning the entire competition.

One thing that separated Adam from former winners is that he sang his own song in the final and did not use to interpret other genres but always was himself.


“That’s what people liked. I am very honest. Always. I try not to be anyone other than me. I’m just Adam Douglas, maybe with a new hat sometimes.”


Together with him on stage we will experience one of Denmark’s biggest stars, Hanne Boel

Boel covers in her songs a range of styles including pop, soul, gospel, rock, and jazz. Over the course of her career, she has sold over 2.5 million records, and has had great success on the Scandinavian charts, although her work is less well known throughout the rest of the world.


Doors: 21:00
Show: 23:30
ID: 20



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