Thursday 04.07.24
Skavangertun nursing home

Golden Jazz 2024

We invite the city's oldest residents to Gulljazz - jazz festival atmosphere at Skavangertun nursing home!

Concert start: 12:00 Single ticket price: Free/100


A warm welcome to Gulljazz during the Kongsberg Jazz Festival! With the help of good supporters and Toyota Kongsberg, we set up a big tent, barbecue food, good drinks and three concerts at Skavangertun nursing home, and offer a real festival atmosphere for the oldest people in town! The event lasts from 12.00 to 15.30 p.m.

On the programme:

  • Opening by Mayor Line Spiten
  • The Dementia Choir
  • Swing'it Dixie Band
  • Reidun Ottersen

Entrance: NOK 100

Free entry for

  • Residents of a nursing home/care center/day center with a companion
  • Children under 16 years
  • Nursing home staff

Today's menu:

Sour cream porridge NOK 65
Lapskaus NOK 65
Mineral water NOK 30
Wort beer/non-alcoholic beer NOK 30
Beer/wine NOK 65
Coffee with refill NOK 10
Cake NOK 25

We take cash and VIPPS, not cards.


By 28 June to

Tel: 995 86 494


Nursing homes and day care centers arrange this themselves.

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