Thursday 04.07.24


Elephant9 is a musical monster the likes of which have hardly been seen either in Norway or internationally.

Concert start: 23:59 Single ticket price: NOK 390

Elephant9 manages to reach and excite a very complex and varied audience. The band appeals to die-hard rockers and passionate jazz lovers alike with their personal synthesis of prog, rock, jazz - and something more.

This almost legendary band was formed in 2006 by Torstein Lofthus, Nikolai Hængsle and Ståle Storløkken, who together have time from Bigbang, Shining, Motorpsycho, Supersilent and
a number of other constellations.

The three members all brought their experiences and their musical background into the trio. So a typical merger project. But some references were clear – and still are: Keith Emerson, King Crimson, 70s Miles Davis, Weather Report – and more.

The fascinating thing about a band like Elephant9 is the way the band combines the energy of rock with the improvisational possibilities of jazz. In any case, it is difficult to find an audience that can resist Ståle Storløkken's intense and strongly rhythmic displays on various keys, Nikolai Hængsle's super groovy bass playing and Torstein Lofthus' intense drumming - which can make the most phlegmatic audience gasp for breath.

"It is difficult to imagine a better trio in Scandinavia today," writes Klassekampen.

Ståle Storløkken – organ, synth
Nikolai Hängsle – bass
Torstein Lofthus – drums

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