Wednesday 03.07.24
Christians kjeller


Close-knit drives and cross-genre alliances when father Jon Eberson and daughter Marte Eberson put their musical heads together!

Concert start: 21:00 Single ticket price: NOK 390

In the band EBERSON we meet a musical distillate that reflects Jon and Marte Eberson's diverse musical experience: From the Jazzpunk ensemble to Highasakite, from Moose Loose to Hedvig Mollestad - and much more!

Jon Eberson has been a central musician in Norwegian jazz and jazz-related music for almost 50 years. He led the legendary The Jazzpunk Ensemble, he played with Radka Toneff, he was very successful with his band Jon Eberson Group. Who doesn't remember Jive Talking!. It's a big leap from there to Mind the Gap with Paal Nilssen-Love and Bjørnar Andresen, but it clearly shows how versatile he is, and he does everything with an equally natural skill.

In recent years, he has had a very fruitful collaboration with his daughter Marte Eberson, and together they have released two critically acclaimed records under the name Eberson. Marte brings with her experience from various genres. She has traveled the world as a former member of the pop band Highasakite. She has the band Löv, with Øystein Skar and Martin Halla, played duo concerts with Ane Brun, and in recent years has played a lot with guitarist Hedvig Mollestad.

About Eberson's last record, Between Two Worlds, writes Arild R. Andersen on Jazz in Norway: "Bass, percussion and drums are the engine of the performance, for a close-fitting drive of an exclusive brand." And he concludes by saying that it is "an unloved album. A project that wins through extended contact. A place where jazz, pop and rock form alliances and make each other beautiful".

In the band Eberson we also find two established jazz musicians from Kongsberg, namely Morten Qvenild on keys and Axel Skalstad on drums. Welcome to a powerful affair in Christian's basement!

Jon Eberson – guitar
Marte Eberson – keyboards
Jo Berge Myhre – bass
Morten Qvenild – keys
Axel Skalstad – drums

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