Friday 07.07.23 am
Gamle Norge

Di Derre

An institution in Norwegian musical life!

Concert start: 22:00 Single ticket price: NOK 550

Di Derre has been a crowd favorite for so many years that they can be called an institution in Norwegian music life. The band, led by Jo Nesbø, was the very sound of classic Norwegian 90s pop. They also often go by the name Di Derre and Hu Derre after singer and songwriter Unni Wilhelmsen joined the band as a permanent member.

During a few hectic years in the 90s, Di Derre went from being a cult band to becoming a household name, all because of a song about girls. The band's first release, which of course was entitled "Den derre med Di derre", came in 1993 and received very good reviews. But it was album number two, "Jenter & Sånn", which gave Di Derre the big breakthrough in 1994. The song "Jenter" became a radio hit, and is to date one of the most played songs on P4. The album also contained the classic "Rumba with Gunn (1-2-3)", and sold a whopping 190.000 copies.

In 2015, the band made history when they played for around 10.000 wild audiences during Jugendfest in Ålesund. In addition to constantly setting new audience records during his summer concerts, Di Derre has gradually created what has gradually become a firm tradition for many; namely the pre-Christmas concerts
at Sentrum Scene in Oslo. The concerts are so popular that extra concerts have been staged in recent years - also sold out. We are very happy to welcome them back to the festival. There is guaranteed to be a great atmosphere in the backyard at Gamle Norge.

The band currently consists of:

Jo Nesbø (vocals, guitar), Magnus Larsen jr. (bass), Espen Stenhammer (drums), Halvor Holter (keys), Unni Wilhelmsen (guitar, vocals) and Lars Jones (guitar)

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Age limit 20 years. No guardianship arrangement.

The doors open at 21:00

Photo: Svein Finneide

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