Thursday 07.07.22

Cæcilie Norby / Lars Danielsson / Ulf Wakenius

A jazz artist with wide-open windows to a diverse world of music. Some windows face pop and rock, some towards African music and some towards classical music. The result is personal and completely cast vocal art!

Concert start: 17:00 Single ticket price: NOK 370

As the daughter of an opera singer and a classical composer was Cæcilie Norbys growing up filled with music. As a teenager, she turned her back on a musical career, but says herself that "then music chose me". She was first captivated by jazz, then came an interest in pop and rock. She primarily looks for the good melody in all kinds of music. That is why she was also fascinated by a lot of classical music, especially impressionists such as Maurice Ravel. Cæcilie Norby was the first Scandinavian musician to get a record deal with the prestigious Blue Note, and that was a major factor in her gaining wide international recognition. 

Cæcilie Norby brings two musicians to the concert at Kongsberg. Lars Danielsson plays bass and cello. He also belongs in the European elite with heaps of records and exciting projects in his luggage. Here at home, we know him from collaborations with musicians such as Jon Christensen and Bugge Wesseltoft.

The married couple Norby / Danielsson take a musician friend with them to Kongsberg. The guitarist Ulf Wakenius is known to most people. He has an awe-inspiring CV, where he can list collaborations with a number of international figures - such as Oscar Peterson, Pat Metheny and Randy Brecker. He has also played a lot in Norway, i.a. with Hot Club de Norvège and the Vertavo Quartet.

Cæcilie Norby: Vocals
Lars Danielsson: Bass and cello
Ulf Wakenius: Guitar

Concert start: 17:00
Doors open: 16:00

ATTENTION! This concert has been moved from Argus to Sølvsalen. 

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