04.07.2019 KL.22:30
Christians kjeller
KR. 350,-

Busk, Eriksen & Sjøstrøm

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at Kongsberg’s best outdoor restaurant

From New Orleans, through Mississippi and all the way to Memphis – trio Vidar Busk, Daniel Eriksen and Stig Sjøstrrøm have received a heroes’ welcome, both from the audience and from local musicians. Their travelling route gives the game away on their musical journey – deeply rooted in the Southern blues traditions, laced with Memphis rock’n’roll and New Orleans R&B.

Now they are back home, bringing their American charm to Kongsberg Jazz. Vidar Busk is living proof that you don’t need to USA-born to play world-class blues, and the same goes for Daniel Eriksen, with his classy, show-stopping guitar-playing. Drummer and percussionist Stig Sjøstrøm tops the team, with rhythms that are punchy, thrilling and elegant in equal measure.

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at Kongsberg’s best outdoor restaurant!


Vidar Busk – vocals and guitar
Daniel Eriksen – guitar
Stig Sjøstrøm – drums


Doors: 21:30
Show: 22:30
ID: 20


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