Friday 08.07.22 am
Gamle Norge

Bjorn Tomren

Bjørn Tomren has impressed the whole of Norway with his unique expression and outstanding communication skills. Now he's coming to the Kongsberg Jazz Festival!

Concert start: 17:00 Single ticket price: NOK 495

This autumn, Bjørn Tomren impressed all of Norway as the most distinctive artist in the popular NRK series "Stjernekamp". With his unique expression and his outstanding communication skills, Tomren has in a short time managed to become a household name, and has been referred to as "the coolest artist in Stjernekamp of all time". 

The artist, songwriter and comedian from Tomrefjorden is also known from the notorious yodeling and accordion duo Polkabjørn & Kleine Heine, who have, among other things, warmed up for a-ha and become stars in the documentary film about themselves "The Art of Yodeling". In 2019, Bjørn released his first album, "Bad Science Fiction" to overwhelming reviews. The newspaper Bergens Tidende characterized the album as "so dark that you could drown in it". Tomren himself calls it dystopian sci-fi country that you can listen to in a hangover. 

As one of the country's most versatile musicians, Tomren's musical range spans from Americana and religious folk tunes to jazz, shows, yodeling, throat singing, dialect-punk and psychedelic-protest music. 

Bjørn Tomren has also carried out several expeditions and holds the world record for the most lengthwise crossings of Norway; in a kayak, on foot, on skis and in a rowing boat. He can also briefly look back on a career as a clown. Or as the author Erlend Loe puts it: 

"Bjørn Tomren is not only a God-given musician with a wonderful voice. He can also ride on one wheel". 

Stjernekamp is not the first competition where Tomren makes a name for himself. In 2017, he participated in the world championship in throat singing in Tuva, and took home a bronze horse. Now he is coming to the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, where the public can experience him on stage at Gamle Norge, Friday 8 July. 

Concert start: 17:00
Doors open: 16:00

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Age limit 20 years. No guardianship arrangement.

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