08.07.2022 KL.17:00
Gamle Norge
KR. 495,-

Bjørn Tomren

Experience Bjørn Tomren’s deeply cool and utterly unique artistry at Gamle Norge.

Bjørn Tomren’s deeply cool and utterly unique artistry has captured the attention of the Norwegian audience in the past year, thanks to his appearance on the popular TV show Stjernekamp – which he went on to win.

Artist, songwriter and comic Bjørn Tomren comes from Tomrefjorden in the west of Norway, where he has spent years developing his unique performing skills. He’s one of Norway’s most versatile musicians, drawing on throat-singing and yodelling as well as traditional song, in addition to playing accordion and guitar in musical styles ranging from Americana and religious folksong to “dialect-punk” and protest music.

In addition to his solo career, Tomren is also one half of the yodelling and accordion duo Polkabjørn og Kleine Heine, who have been a warm-up band for a-ha. Tomren released his first album, Bad Science Fiction, in 2019, to overwhelmingly positive reviews (the newspaper Bergens Tidende described it as “so dark you can drown in it”). Tomren called it dystopic sci-fi country for hangover listening.

Bjørn Tomren has also undertaken several expeditions, and holds the world record for the most journeys along Norway’s length; travelling by kayak, rowing-boat, on skis and on foot. On his CV we also find a short career as a clown. Or, as author Erlend Loe puts it:

“Bjørn Tomren is not just a God-given musical talent. He can also ride a unicycle.”

In 2017, Tomren competed in the throat singing world championships in Tuva, where he won a bronze horse statuette. This summer you can experience this truly extraordinary artist at Kongsberg Jazz Festival, on the stage at Gamle Norge on 8 July.


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Doors: 16:00
Concert start: 17:00


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