Wednesday 06.07.22
The magazine – Quality Hotel Grand

Bebop & Business 2022

Bebop & Business finally back! This year's theme: Why do we go to work? About motivation, management, drive and values

Concert start: 10:00 Price single ticket: 1490/2990,-

Through the theme "Why do we go to work", we want to shed light on areas such as motivation, management, values, drive, courage, mastery and work in social, societal and economic development.

Among this year's speakers we find names such as: Geir Aker (known as the Ensign in Kompani Lauritzen), Silje Løkeng, Espen Rostrup Nakstad, Fredrik Neumann, Maria S. Walberg, Stig Mebust, Terje Stykket, Bjørn Z. Ekelund and more. 

What does the job mean for the individual and their identity? Does working life look different in 2022 than in 2010 and how will it be in the future? Will the elections be characterized to a greater extent by choice of values ​​and social responsibility in the future? Do echo chambers and algorithms influence our thinking around this?

What makes someone expose themselves to demanding work; financially, physically or mentally - and others choose safety and routine as their path? What about those who are left out? Some work with areas that have a greater social significance, what is the motivation for doing this? Wouldn't it be easier to choose something else?

At Bebop & Business, we strive for the least possible company presentations and the most personal stories, conversations and discussions, combined with cultural surprises.

This and much more will be highlighted by our exciting speakers and inspirers, our experienced leaders and the young hopefuls. Afterwards we go out into the summer evening and celebrate the opening of the Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

This year's conference will take place from 10am to 15pm on Wednesday 6 July at the Magazine at the Quality Hotel Grand.

More info and registration at 

Other artists

Christians kjeller
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 15:00

The poetry oasis: Ingrid Olava

Photographer Carsten Stolzenbach
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 13.00

Zanussi 4

Photographer Martin Rustad Johansen
Kongsberg Musikkteater
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 18:00

Susanna "Baudelaire & Oslo Sinfonietta"

Christians kjeller
Thursday, July 4 / Time: 21:30

Rita Engedalen

Friday, July 5 / Time: 23:59


Thursday, July 4 / Time: 17:30

Per Zanussi: Liminal Beings (commissioned work)