Thursday 04.07.24
Kongsberg Kino

Barnivalfilm: Robot Dreams

Nominated for an Oscar for best animated film, and winner of best animated film at the European Film Awards!

Concert start: 17:00 Single ticket price: NOK 50

ROBOT DREAMS tells the story of Dog, who lives in Manhattan in the 80s and is tired of being alone. In boredom, he builds a robot to keep company, and the result is beyond all expectations: The two become inseparable. But, then, one day, Dog is forced to leave his robot friend. Will they ever meet again?

A deeply human and moving story about loneliness and friendship, about giving being able to let go and move on in life. Robot Dreams is not only moving and beautiful, it is also an absolutely fantastic portrait of New York in the 80s.

Allowed for everyone, recommended age limit 10 years.

Free entry with Barnivalen ticket!

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